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The meeting was called to order at 3:40 P.M. by President Richard Berman.

Loren Myhill called the role. Richard mentioned that we may begin posting the attendance of Rep. Council on our website so that all will know the names of the representatives and their attendance records.

Minutes: Mary Jane pointed out that part of the president's report was not presented in the meeting last month so it was deleted from the minutes. Marcia Garten also had a correction that she wanted in the minutes and that was the question "With the new contract language, how many positions can we expect to lose?" Carolyn Johnson moved and Marcia Garten seconded the motion that the minutes be approved as corrected. The motion carried.

Grievance regarding the transfer of a teacher in special schools: Loren Myhill reported that he and Norma Potter met with John Nelson, Nina Boyd, and Dennis Roberson last week to discuss the issues at level one since it was not resolved informally. Based on the information presented in the meeting it is our recommendation that the grievance be withdrawn. Loren Myhill moved and John Wells seconded the motion that we withdraw the grievance without prejudice. Motion carried. Richard Berman will send a letter to Nina Boyd withdrawing the grievance.

Pat Elliot reported that the audit was not quite finished yet. However, we do have enough cash on hand for operation expenses. Carolyn Johnson moved and Scott Turner seconded that the report be approved as presented. Motion carried.

Membership: Mary Jane Roberts reported that CTA issued 405 membership cards, most of which have been sent out to our members. We still have 70 fee payers.

Mary Jane Roberts presented an OCSEA annual calendar of events for our members. Mary Jane Roberts will speak to Joel Harrison about putting the calendar on the website.

President's report: ADA reported in month two shows 8175 students enrolled, and 6775 ADA captured. This makes us down 595 students compared with last year in the same month. Cindy Borcoman asked for the number of teachers currently employed now and versus the same time last year in ACCESS?

The Bylaws section regarding the responsibilities of Rep. Council was reviewed by Richard Berman. He stressed the importance of Council members communicating to other members about what is happening at our meetings. One goal is to have bulletin boards at each site to help keep people informed. The second goal is to have current Rep Council members develop an action plan for how they are going to split up the PAR's they serve and choose the sites that they will be responsible for representing. Both goals should be completed by the December meeting.

Richard Berman stated that our by-laws are in need of updating since this was last done in 2002. Richard Berman will be establishing a committee to re-do the bylaws. His plan is to do most of this using email. If anyone is interested please contact Richard Berman. You do not have to be a Rep Council member to assist.

Transfers: In the future, if you are approached about a transfer be sure to contact a member of Rep Council or a member of our executive board before agreeing to anything or signing anything. Also be sure to visit the prospective site and find out everything you can about where you will be working before you make a decision. If you voluntarily move outside of your administrative unit, you do not have the same rights to transfer back if a position becomes available. If you are moving within an administrative unit the department can re-assign you as they see fit.

Summer institute was attended by Carolyn Johnson. The main topic was health care benefits. She distributed some materials from her training session, stressed the importance of consulting with more than one broker and that there was lots of help from CTA.

Marcia Garten expressed her concern about the way teachers were treated in the recent contracting process. Richard Berman agreed that teachers were not treated professionally by Human Resources in our opinion and that he has expressed his dissatisfaction to them.

Marcia Garten moved that our Board put out a letter inviting affected teachers to document their transfer experience positive or negative. Lewis Lester seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Union Culture: Richard expressed his concern regarding our culture as a Union. At first, he believed that union leaders were just out for themselves. He has tried to change that perspective during his tenure as President. He wants us to evaluate ourselves and plan where we want to be in five years or ten years from now. We need to promote what we are all about and the positive aspects of what we do as a strong union. Discussion included the importance of the great progress we have made through transparency and communication but that there is still some discontent. We need to do more training for how to be more organized and united if we are going to be able to get from the County what we need and deserve. Norma Potter stated that Tim Hill has some information for County offices and that she will try to put together some trainings to improve the organization of the union. CTA is also trying to understand and communicate better with their members.

Contract Ratification: Richard Berman thanked Ann Marie Kaumo, Tom Rotunno and Pat Elliott for counting the ballots. Balloting results were presented for the ratification of our contract. (178 yes, 62 no, 8 invalid). The 8 invalid ballots resulted from members not signing for the ballot, not selecting to agree or disagree with the ratification or not submitting a ballot number on their form. Pat Elliott stated that the ballots are available if anyone has concerns. Please contact her to arrange to review them.

Richard Berman reported that in the February, March 2nd and March 30th, 2009 meetings we decided and announced that copies of the contract were to be ordered from Nina Boyd if people wanted printed copies. As to date all requests for copies have been processed. The same thing will be done this time as well.

New Business: Region 2 County Offices of Ed. Conference this weekend will be attended by Mary Jane Roberts in Reno. Richard Berman entertained a motion that we pay all her expenses Debbie Crew so moved and Tom Rotunno seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Lewis Lester moved that we consider doing something for all of this year's retirees. Tom Rotunno seconded. Discussion included holding a reception in their honor sometime in December and possibly tie it in with a union Christmas party. Richard Berman will work with other members to identify locations and pricing for such an event. Motion carried.

Marcia Garten wants us to publish a regular grievance report. (Norma Potter has ideas for this.)

Mary Jane Roberts moved that we offer the Department to pay half of the expenses for our members attending the literacy conference in December if they will pay the other half. Marcia Garten seconded and the motion carried.

Marcia Garten requested we include in the minutes a thank-you to Richard for getting discount tickets for the recent Country concert.

Meeting adjourned at 5:25pm.