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Meeting Called to Order at 3:30

Loren Myhill was not in attendance at the meeting so we were unable to read over prior meeting minutes. We will approve the minutes from the June, Sept, and Oct. meetings on November 1st when we hold our next rep. council meeting.

MaryJane Roberts presented membership data and stated that the membership cards have been mailed to all members. If anyone does not receive their cards, they should contact MJ at ocseavp@hotmail.com.

Pat Elliott presented treasurer's report but as there was not a quorum of rep council present, no approval could be given. We will approve both the October and November treasurer's reports at the Nov. meeting

Richard Berman is looking at another grievance about hiring more teachers. Title 24 will determine staffing levels at the institutions.

OSCC conference- October 16-17- Indian Wells- only 8 are attending and 4 are from the executive board. Discussion began about representatives and training to better represent members. With all the movement and changes in the department, rep council members don't know who exactly they represent so the association needs to determine a way for rep council members to be aware of whom they represent. A suggestion was made for open representation with the council members' email and phone being listed on the website and a unit member could choose the rep council member with whom they'd like to discuss issues. We will have further discussion on this at a future meeting.

3 rep council members came into the meeting at approximately 4:00pm. Their addition constituted a quorum so the following item was approved:

Food drive/ holiday party: Dec. 2nd 3:00pm-6:00pm @ Lucky Strike Lanes at the Block of Orange. An email "save the date" will be sent out. A flyer invitation will be presented at next meeting. All unit members, regardless of their membership status will be invited. We cannot do a membership drive in conjunction with the party or it is non-chargeable expense. Motion moved by Marcia Garten, seconded by Teri Anderrson; 14 "yeas", 1 abstention, 0 "nays"

Tom Rotunno spoke of the contract ratification: 125 "yes" votes and 4 "no" votes. Tom expressed thanks to the team for help. Using online voting vs. mailings for next election was discussed. Tom has information about possible services to use for online. Polling places voting resulted in approximately the same turn out as mailing with much less cost.

MJ presented a draft of standing rules for the association. Standing rules are the procedures by which the association carries out the business of governance. Bylaws are the policies and mission of the association. Right now some things in our bylaws should be in the standing rules. Bylaw changes require a ratification vote of the membership. Standing rule changes require a vote of the rep council. MJ asked that everyone look over the draft and if they have additions or suggestions, email suggestions to ocseavp@hotmail.com.

New business: Issue about movement between AUs in ACCESS. Transfer policy for GG AU site movement into Harbor learning center AU should hold that the least senior person currently assigned to the GGAU site should be moved if no other unit member volunteers to move.

Meeting adjourned at 4:35