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October 3, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Richard Berman at 3:40.

Secretary Loren Myhill called the roll of Rep. Council members and verified a quorum present.

Some corrections and additions to the minutes of the September meeting were noted and approved. The September minutes were then approved as corrected.

Treasurer's Report:Treasurer Pat Elliott presented the Treasurers report and distributed copies to all Rep. Council members for review. There were neither corrections nor additions and the report was approved as presented.

Membership Report:Vice-President Mary Jane Roberts reported 63 fee payers and 340 members in our bargaining unit per the latest numbers from CTA. New membership cards were distributed to Representatives for delivery to other members in their bargaining units.

President's report: In all situations regarding transfers, reassignments, or retirement please contact Richard Berman to ensure a Union Representative will be present at the meeting with administration if you wish. Please, if you change your mind, be sure to let Richard know.

Please be very careful of what you say and or report from Union meetings. Inaccurate information can cause a lot of confusion, problems, and embarrassment. It is good to report, but please be sure all is accurate and remember that your opinions may not always reflect actual messages delivered at the meetings. Representatives are to make their best effort to represent the membership, but what is reported as opinions, may not always be fact that should be shared outside the meetings.

CTA State Budget Survey: Richard distributed a chart of the CTA expenditures and a program budget survey. He asked all Rep Council members to participate in the survey. Any member wishing to participate in the survey should contact Richard Berman to receive the survey. He will return these to CTA by November 8th.

Full year service credit: Members who have worked less than 216 days per year in the past may contact Richard Berman with copies of their salary worksheets and STRS annual statements. All information will be forwarded to CTA attorney who is collecting evidence to send to the County Department of Ed. Richard also suggests contacting HR to set up a time and review your salary worksheets if you have not saved them. 2011-2012 Bargaining Unit Agreementis being reviewed. Once signed off, the Agreements will be printed and distributed to members and posted to our website.

Volunteers are still being sought for election and social event committees for OCSEA. Please contact Richard this month if wish to serve on a committee.

Chris Off volunteered to bring food for the next meeting.

GLBT Conference: We still have three openings for the Palm Springs GLBT conference.

Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee Update: Bylaws and standing rules committee has completed their review and revisions. Mary Jane showed a few copies of the proposed bylaws which will be sent to CTA for their review before we vote on them. John Wells asked that we could all see the proposed changes before drafts are sent to CTA. Draft copies will be emailed tomorrow. Email back to Mary Jane Roberts any issues.

Grievance(s) Update: John Wells reported that one grievance is still pending regarding a teacher whose hours were changed improperly.

Health benefits Update: If you have any questions regarding the appearance of your prescriptions please consult your pharmacist. Some manufacturers and distributors are changing the appearance of pills distributed but pharmacy claims the prescriptions are still the same. One reason is because a pill might be coming off of a patent.

OSCC Fall Conference:Treasurer's training and the Orange Service Center's Fall Conference is fast approaching for this year. Please contact Richard Berman if you wish to attend this training so that you will be prepared to run for Treasurer in the spring and learn necessary skills to be an effective Rep Council member. The cost is $25 per person plus parking and the conference will take place on Saturday, November 5th. The conference will include general training in the morning and individual breakout sessions in the afternoon. Individual sessions will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis and we would like to send as many members as possible. Pat Elliott moved that we send up to 25 people. John Wells seconded and the motion carried.

Upcoming Conferences: The CTA combined Issues Conference and the CPEEHCC Health Care conferences are coming up in January in Las Vegas and will be discussed at the next meeting. Also see the CTA website for details on the Issues Conference.

New business: Cyndie Borcomanmoved to change our one minute speaking rule for meetings to two minutes so that people could better express their opinions. John Wells seconded the motion. After discussion, John Wells called for a vote and Linda Gruber seconded. Motion passed.

Rep Council vacancy: Richard Berman shared that since Marlene Simmons has resigned, nominations for her Rep Council position will be open till the next meeting and then a special election will be held by online voting.

OCSEA Budget: Pat Elliott distributed a copy of a proposed budget for 2011-2012 and suggested that we formally adopt a budget for 2011-2012 at the next meeting. Cyndie Borcoman shared that she would like us to consider the possibility of awarding scholarships.

School Climate Survey: Richard shared that he would like us to institute a school climate survey to help offer improvement ideas to the Department. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Carolyn Johnson shared that the CTA magazine contains some offerings for scholarships that teachers can apply to receive for their classrooms.

Richard again clarified that we still have 14 members that still have not been brought back from the 39 month rehire list.

Cyndie Borcoman expressed concern that Richard Berman and the Executive Board was questioning extra duty pay. Richard Berman confirmed that he, not the Executive Board, continues to challenge Administrators who offer extra duty to some but not all teachers and offers extra-duty for months and years without requesting to fill a vacancy or rehire a RIFteacher. Richard has evidence from the Department in the form of an ADE/ADA report showing the continued abuse of assigning extra-duty. Richard Berman reminded Cyndie Borcoman that this is our responsibility as a Union to get our teachers contracts when possible and not dilute the quality of instruction to students.

The next scheduled meeting is November 7, 2011.

Meeting adjourned at 5:25.