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October 1, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 3:42 pm by President John Wells.

Secretary Chris Off called the roll and a quorum was established.

Copies of the minutes of the September 10, 2012 meeting were available. A correction on the minutes was made for an error made. The second on the adjournment of the September meeting was made by a non rep council member and written in the minutes. A rep council members had made a second to adjourn the meeting and Julie Ames was recognized as having seconded the adjournment. Julie Ames made a motion to make the correction in the minutes and Linda Gruber seconded. No further discussion, none opposed and the motion and minutes were approved. 

Treasurer's Report: Marcia Garten reported that she had made an adjustment to the check request reimbursement form. She has met with a tax consultant. The draft annual budget was available for viewing and will be adjusted by the budget committee to bring to the rep council. No further discussion or questions. Debbie Crew made a motion to accept the draft budget pending future adjustment. Mike Rainis seconded the motion.

Vice President Report: Vice President Loren Myhill reported one retiree this year and two new members have been added.

President's Report: President John Wells provided a handout detailing Association Business Time Out of Class 2012-2013. President Wells reminded the association members are welcome in meetings, however only rep council members can make motions, second motions and vote in a meeting. The meeting room configuration is open to anyone to set up before the meeting.

Update on NCLB Highly Qualified Status: We have ~100 teachers who work in the community who teach four core subjects plus art who may not have the highly qualified status required by NCLB. At some point the state will ask us to comply. VPSS classes are suggested for ACCESS community teachers- with OCDE paying for the classes. E-mails have been sent to the affected teachers. Discussion ensued.

STRS Credit issue discussion ensued. Per MaryJane Roberts, CTA has depleted their funds for working on the ACCESS-STRS corrections for teachers according to a letter she has received. If a teacher has concerns, provide John Wells with the STRS paperwork. John Wells will also contact Dave Brown -- our CTA rep -- to ask CTA about funding for this issue.

Reminder to let the president know about agenda items by Wednesday before the meeting due to CTA rules.

Debbie Crew - PTSA membership information was passed out to join the PTSA (PTO of Rio Contiguo) for $10.00 per school year. This institution PTSA is only the second in the country to have this distinction and $6.00 go back directly to benefit the youths and their families. Please see Debbie Crew or Mike Rainis for membership forms and support a worthwhile cause.

Carolyn Johnson was thanked for setting up a P.O. Box at the Orange Post Office on Chapman and Lemon for association business -- in particular for future election balloting returns. Her time and effort is appreciated.

Committee appointments -- The President is automatically on all committees. He would like the rep. council to have input on all committees that exist.

Bargaining Team Committee: was confirmed over the summer: John Wells, Steve Slack, Julie Ames, Mary Burton, and Loren Myhill. Alternates include Richard Berman, Mary Jane Roberts, and Lewis Lester (already approved 15 to 0 vote). Discussion ensued at last meeting for the need for additional alternates. John Wells nominated Dana Rishagen and Carolyn Johnson as alternates. Barbara Haddad seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

ACCESS Special Education Caseload: joint committee with administration. John Wells nominated Linda Gruber, Chris Off, and Barbara Haddad. Julie Ames seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed. This committee would meet with administration two times per year. Rich Berman and Lewis Lester were thanked for their hard work in getting contract language for Special Ed. Caseload limits.

ACCESS General Ed. Average Daily Enrollment Committee: joint committee with administration. This committee meets two times per year with administration and receives the enrollment and attendance reports from Administration. John Wells nominated Loren Myhill, Dana Rishagen, and Rich Berman. Julie Ames was nominated as alternate. Mike Rainis seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

Health Benefits Review Committee: Joint committee with administration. John Wells nominated Mike Kashdan, John Wells, Loren Myhill, Mary Jane Roberts, and Cheryl Stoltz. Marcia Garten seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

Calendar Committee: Joint committee with administration. Committee meets one time per year with administration. John Wells nominated Tom Rotunno, Barbara Haddad, and Julie Ames. Discussion ensued. Linda Gruber seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

Elections Committee update: Alison Carey interim chair already selected by the elections committee member was nominated by John Wells as chair of the election committee. Dave Bush seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed. Julie Ames reported out for Alison (left meeting early). The P.O.Box has been obtained for ballot returns for upcoming elections. The election committee has proposed two dates to Dave Brown for CTA training on the elections process. The dates proposed are October 12th, and October 19th. Alison Carey, Cheryl Stoltz, Julie Ames, Ruth Ramirez, and Carolyn Johnson plan to attend this training. Once the training has taken place, the elections committee will send out information re: the upcoming election's timelines, date, etc.

Conference Update: John Wells asked whether the number of conference attendees should be reduced from 10 to a more realistic number for Summer Institute due to limited release days. Discussion ensued. The general consensus was to leave the number as is and work it out as the need arises looking at the needs of the association. No motion was made.

President's Conference: Julie Ames made a motion that the president John Wells be authorized to attend the President's conference and select up to one association member in a leadership role to represent our group at the President's conference. Discussion ensued. Loren Myhill seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

Grievance Committee: John Wells nominated Nancy Hollenbeck, Marlene Simmons, Rich Berman, Loren Myhill and Dana Rishagen to the grievance committee. He asked for other volunteers. CTA provides training at every conference. Discussion ensued. Joel Harrison seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

Budget Committee: John Wells nominated Marcia Garten, and Julie Ames. He asked for volunteers. Joel Harrison seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

Holiday Party motion made by Loren Myhill to approve up to $4,500 for an association Holiday party-site and date to be confirmed shortly. Alison Carey is welcoming ideas and we are looking for a good turnout. Julie Ames seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

Social Committee Volunteers: Alison Carey is the chair. John Wells nominated Linda Gruber, Chris Off, Beth Orlik, Marcia Garten, and Ruth Ramirez. Volunteers always welcome. Julie Ames seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

Newsletter Volunteers: Due to busy schedules-looking to January 2013 for volunteers.

New business:

Barbara Haddad made a motion that all appointments for committee members be ratified by the rep council. This could be placed in our standing rules. Discussion ensued. Linda Gruber seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

Two more committees that meet were discussed. The Special Schools Committee meets four times per year with administration to discuss cost savings measures. John Wells appointed Mary Burton, Tom Rotunno, and Jean Warner to this committee. Debbie Crew seconded the motion and it carried with no one opposed.

By-Laws Committee: John Wells nominated Debbie Crew, Chris Off and Loren Myhill. Discussion ensued. Julie Ames seconded and it carried with no one opposed.

Discussion ensued to list committees and members on our OCSEA website. Chris Off will compile names and submit them to the webmaster Joel Harrison.

Talking points for Campaign 2012 especially Prop 30 and 32 were passed out. John Wells encouraged the association to look at the CTA website www.cta.org for election material to pass around and inform friends and family.

Loren Myhill moved to adjourn the meeting. Julie Ames seconded, no one opposed and the meeting was adjourned at 5:05pm.