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October 6, 2008

Meeting was called to order at 3:40 by President Richard Berman.

Secretary, Loren Myhill, presented the minutes. Correction: Pat Elliot moved that the minutes be corrected to show that the correct vote tally on the MOU from last meeting was 12 to 5. Marcia Garten seconded the motion and it carried, thus approving the minutes as corrected

John Wells gave the treasurer's report: Approved as presented...

Loren called the roll of Council members at the end of the meeting.

Mary Jane Roberts reported that we now have 466 unit members, and 398 of them are union members.

Contact Mary Jane at CHEP West for membership issues.

PAR Committee: Carolyn Johnson reported that the committee is again planning special teacher trainings for early next year. We are not sure what funds will be in the PAR budget.

Presidents Report: Richard reported that all Site Liaisons had been returned from their office assignments to their classrooms at Fischer School so grievance was settled at level one. Effective date Oct. 1, 2008

Richard reported ongoing concerns at Sunburst Academy over many items including extra minutes worked, lack of substitutes, violation of $5 rule and changing the calendar work year without Union knowing.

No progress has been made on the arbitration case by CTA and the Department.

Cal STRS Workshops will be offered at the Service Center on Rampart, see flyers which were available at the meeting.

Schools First Credit Union is donating 400 tickets to the Orange Service Center Council and to the OCSEA Rep Council for Dec 3rd Anaheim Arsenal NBA farm team game. See Richard for details and tickets.

Negotiations: Initial proposals were presented for this 2008-2009 year Agreement. Next session is Oct 13. The Department has agreed to cover the 7% increased cost for Health benefits through December. OCDE will extend benefits payments until negotiations are completed even if it goes beyond December.

Mary Jane reviewed transfer policy in the Contract. Reps. are encouraged to be sure that Administration is following the Agreement provisions as written.

OCSEA Service Project: Richard presented a proposal to have OCSEA sponsor students with the Family First program as our local service project. Family's First is responsible for over 10,000 homeless children in Orange County. Richard recommended that those interested in donating contact him.

Mary Jane moved that the Rep. Council NOT approve a MOU for the Extension of Section 9.16 Unit Member on Itinerant Assignment through June 30, 2009. Ann Marie Kaumo seconded. None opposed, one abstained, motioned carried.

Fall Leadership Conference Attendees met with Richard after the meeting.

Reimbursement to Richard for meeting expenses was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 4:42

Next meeting November 3rd