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Meeting Called to Order at: _________________

Role Call:

Have Loren call Role Call

Discussion: According to our by-laws, if you miss three consecutive meetings you may be removed from your position.

Minutes presented by Loren

Motion to approve minutes as presented or with changes

If there are no opposes we will consider the motion carried.

Treasurers Report

Pat to discuss Treasurers Audit and Monthly treasurers report.

Motion to approve report as presented or with changes

If there are no opposes we will consider the motion carried.

Membership Report

Mary Jane can discuss the total number of members we have vs. fee payers. Sandra Hall sent a list of 15 certificated teachers who were not called back for regular or temp employment. 10 teachers from Special Schools and 5 teachers from ACCESS.

Presidents Report


If you are approached about transferring anywhere but within your PAR you need to contact your rep council member and notify a member of the executive board. If you voluntarily transfer out of your PAR because your administrator tells you to YOU DO NOT HAVE TRANSFER RIGHTS BACK TO YOUR PAR. Make sure you also visit the site when students are present and take the time to interview other staff. Also find out what materials will be left behind and what materials may need to be ordered.

CTA State Council

Mary Jane will discuss briefly what happened at the October State Council meeting held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel on October 23-25.

Rep Council

Discuss with rep council that they need to serve their constituents. Many questions were raised by members about how they were notified and why last minute. I asked did your rep council notify you. Overwhelmingly answer == NO!! Discuss timeline for Reps to develop a plan to service their constituents. Would like to have wrapped up by December meeting. Had one rep council member contact me with questions about who they served and in what capacity. In the coming months I will contact each rep council member and ask them to take responsibility for certain sites.


Our by-laws are outdated and we need to have them re-written for submission. Discuss about being appointed to State CTA Committee to review bylaws. Need to have committee to work after school and on weekends to communicate electronically a new set of by-laws. Would like to have committee in place by November meeting. At this moment I had no one come forth asking to be on the committee so I will be making calls to rep council members to take on a role on the by-laws committee.

Holiday Party

Lewis made a motion last meeting that was seconded by Tom Rotunno and passed by the rep council about holding a reception in honor of the retirees and tying it in with a OCSEA sponsored Holiday Party. I spent 3 weeks researching locations and days to hold a holiday party. Since it was so last minute many places were completely booked. I contacted Angel Stadium to see what their availability was for December. They had Friday, December 18th available and were willing to work out a great deal as I am an employee of the stadium. The Diamond Club and the Homeplate Club were both available and we would not be charged a facility use fee. We talked about appetizers, bar costs, buffet menu and dessert. I spoke with our Treasurer Pat about the Party and discussed some options:

6pm appetizers and open bar

7pm dinner

745 dessert/presentation of Retirees

830-10 dancing


free to OCSEA member

Free to retiree = 1 guest

50% off additional guests

Rough cost is $30/pp

Any further suggestions

Motion to approve a budget of $_______________ to put on the Holiday retiree party. Seconded______________________. Approved__________________

Month 3 ADA Report

According to the latest ADA report for Month 3 ACCESS had an enrollment of 7273 students and had an attendance capture of 6228 students resulting in 86% capture. For the year so far we are down 932 students enrolled and we have captured 830 less students this year.

90 Day Temp Contracts

Marcia Garten contacted me regarding wanting an item to discuss 90 day temp contracted teachers. (Marcia)

I have been told that Tom Kostic will be returning to the classroom in January as his TOSA will expire and they will not be reclassifying him again to cover CBL.


Currently we have one grievance which was withdrawn without Predjudice against Dennis Roberson and one grievance which is in Level 1 against Mary Lou Vachet for violation of the contract with regards to the max caseload for split roster teachers. The contract allows for a max of 32. Three teachers in ACEP have more than 32 enrolled for more than one ADA cycle and more than 32 attending.


I was asked to check-in on a discussion at a North PAR Site-liaison meeting with regards to OT and how it could be arranged if more than the attendance amount is captured. I spoke to Tony who discussed that the only feasible OT that could take place would be a teacher who had a morning class and afternoon class and the students could not be transferred to another teacher because of contract limitations or no one else to serve the student. The OT would be a short-term fix in order to determine if another teacher would be needed. Example.

No other OT issues are being considered by ACAB or ACCESS Leadership.

I had a meeting with Sunburst Academy regarding ongoing issues last week at Los Alamitos Reserve Base. Discussion:

Furthermore if you ever receive a memo about an incident with you at your site and it does not involve another teacher please contact an executive board member immediately. Discussion VP sending memos of concern to teachers about incidents that are not being investigated properly.

Organizing Training

Norma will discuss Training opportunities to include Rep Council members, Executive Board Members and one representative for each PAR.

January 15-17 is Rural Issues Conference in Las Vegas. Entertain a motion to send(x) amount of members to training.


Next Meeting, Monday, December 7th at 3:30

Meeting adjourned at ___________________________.