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November 1, 2010

In the absence of Richard Berman, Vice-President Mary Jane Roberts called the meeting to order at 3:45.

Loren Myhill called the roll to establish a voting quorum.

John Wells moved we approve the minutes of the last three meetings as presented. Julie Ames seconded, and the motion carried.

Pat Elliott presented the treasurer's report and explained the changes and expenditures.

Dave Glick moved the report be approved as presented, seconded by Marcia Garten, motion carried.

Mary Jane Roberts gave an overview of things she learned from attending State Council. One item dealt with electronic voting in our elections. Next month we will try to explain the entire procedure as part of an effort to proceed toward gaining permission from our membership to use this online method.

Upcoming Conferences: Issues Conference in Las Vegas. John Wells moved to send up to eight people, Julie Ames seconded, motioned carried. Mary Jane Roberts and Lewis Lester shared that this is a good time to network with other COE's. Email Mary Jane if you wish to attend. Then go to the CTA website to register.

Health Benefits Conference: It is not sponsored by CTA, but recommended. Lewis moved that we send up to five members. John Wells seconded, motioned carried.

A flier regarding the Holiday Party and food drive scheduled for Thursday Dec. 2nd will be sent out soon.

Old business: Dave Glick asked about the financial information for CTA expenditures. Pat Elliott said it was on the way and will be quite detailed. CTA has committed to no further dues increases for the next two years. Dave also expressed his concern for the lack of tolerance shown to a number of CTA members who attended the Fall Leadership Conference, specifically by Steve who lead one of the seminars. Dave asked that this leader come and apologize for what he said to Dave. However, for the most part, the conference was terrific.

Lewis Lester shared that School Site Councils can have some influence in the formulation of the budget, even though we cannot control their final actions. Currently, OCDE does not comply with state laws regarding School Site Councils.

Lewis moved that the Rep. Council authorize the creation of the OCSEA School Site Council Advisory Committee for the purpose of:

Recruiting one (1) committee member (and alternate, if possible) within each ACCESS administrative unit:

Investigating the structure and composition of School Site Councils within ACCESS;

Investigating the budgeting and expenditure of categorical funds at ACCESS school sites;

Coordinating/hosting trainings and study groups related to school site councils; and

Forwarding recommendations of action items to the OCSEA Executive Board, Representative Council, and Bargaining Team.

Marcia Garten seconded. Motion carried.

Lewis Lester, Ann Marie Kaumo, John Wells, Julie Ames, Teri Anderson all volunteered for this committee.

John Wells and Marcia Garten reported on items discussed in the committee dealing with the 185 day contract idea from OCDE Administration. All is in the discussion stages at this point, and we will be kept informed.

Ann Marie Kaumo moved, and Dave Glick seconded, that the "185 committee" ensure that any RIF'ed teachers cannot be considered "new teachers." The motion carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55. Next meeting is scheduled for December 6th.