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November 7, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 3:40PM by President Richard Berman.

Secretary Loren Myhill called the role for the establishment of a quorum.

Minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Pat Elliott reviewed the treasurer's report, which was approved as presented.

Membership Report: Mary Jane Roberts reported that we have 338 active members and 59 fee payers at the present time.

President's Report: Richard reported that the ADA report for month three shows multiple teachers in AU106 and AU107 with very low rosters. Thus, overstaffing exists again in some AU's. ADA for months one and two far exceeded original projections, however.

Old Business

OCSEA 2011-2012 Budget: Pat Elliott reviewed the proposed budget for our association and answered all questions relating to items and proposed amounts. Loren Myhill moved and Marcia Garten seconded that we accept the budget. Motion carried.

Bylaws and Standing Rules Update: Mary Jane requested that we email her any additional suggestions for the revision of Bylaws and Standing Rules. The committee will meet again soon to finalize a draft for CTA to review.

Grievance Update: Grievance regarding the changing of a teachers hours, went to Nina Boyd and she directed that the class hours be changed to meet the original hours of the teacher even though the contract had not technically been violated. So the teacher received what he was hoping to obtain in the end and the grievance has been dropped.

Conference attendance: We had five attend the rep. council training on Sat. Nov.5, and seven attended the GLBT conference. Attendees shared some things they learned and found useful.

Rep. Council assignments include sharing information from the meetings, but we still struggle in accomplishing our goal. The response of our membership on the CTA program expenditures has been very low. These were to be returned by this November meeting. Also STRS information returned to Richard Berman from was limited. Richard Berman stated we must correctly and more efficiently disperse information to all teachers. AU 105 and South do not have a representative presently attending. We, as an association, need to come up with a better plan for communication so please pass along ideas to Richard Berman. He will send an email out reminding Rep Council.

Department restructuring response: Richard shared that we are not going to go quietly while the department's upper management changes their titles to get wage increases. But please note that this is not a union issue but rather a moral and ethical issue of people in abusing power by giving themselves wage increases at the expense of the general public. Richard contacted The Orange County Register, The LA Times and Occupy Orange County. All 3 entities shared with Richard that they are disturbed by OCDE's actions and have asked Richard to continue to communicate with them. Occupy Orange County seemed very upset about what is happening and is willing to work with the Association to bring these issues to a local, state and national level. Many Rep. Council members expressed their concerns and some shared that this gives great evidence that there is funding to restore quality education and lower class size along with fair compensation issues for teachers. Richard reiterated that this is not a union issue, but a problem of greed, abuse of power, and misuse of public education funds.

Holiday Party reminder: Flyers were available at the meeting and will also be emailed to members. Reminder, Rep Council members are asked to circulate the flyers and encourage member and non-member participation.

New Business

Upcoming Conferences: John Wells moved that we fund the sending of up to twenty people to the CTA Issues Conference, and five to the Health Conference. Marcia seconded and motion carried.

Climate survey and the contract negotiation survey will be sent out soon to give us a response time to prepare for upcoming bargaining sessions. Both surveys will be e-mailed and members will be able to vote on-line at Votingplace.net

Open Rep Council seat: Michael Kashdan moved and Marcia Garten seconded that we fill the vacant Rep. Council position, vacated by Marlene Simmons (South) using online voting from the general membership. Candidates that volunteered their names for the ballot are Chris Hall, Ruth Ramirez, and Mike Rainis. Voting will take place prior to the next scheduled Rep Council meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 5:35PM.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 6, 2012