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OCSEA Meeting Notes

November 5, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 3:40pm by President John Wells.

Secretary Chris Off called the roll and a quorum was established.

Copies of the minutes of the October 1, 2012 meeting were available. No further discussion and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Marcia Garten made available the monthly treasurer's report. No questions and the report was approved.

Vice President Report: Vice President Loren Myhill reported two retirees this year and two new members have been added. There are a total of 382 members including fee payers. Loren will be mailing out the remaining 2012-2013 CTA cards that have not been passed out to date.

President's Report: President John Wells provided a handout detailing Association Business Time Out of Class 2012-2013.

Reminder to let the President know about agenda items by Wednesday before the monthly meeting due to CTA rules.

State election propositions 2012-please VOTE.

Health Benefits Review Committee meeting with administration ongoing. Discussions include options to lower health insurance cost. Some members want to explore options like Kaiser, while other members want to keep the benefits we currently have. We will try to get Administration to agree to look into offering our members more choices.

Elections Committee Update: Alison Cary-chair of committee provided an update for the upcoming election of the Executive Board. Ballots will be sent out by the end of this week along with an email detailing timelines for returning the ballot. The committee will meet to count votes and hope to report out those elected at the 12/3/12 OCSEA meeting, or shortly thereafter. A special thank you went out to Alison and her committee members who undertook CTA training for this upcoming election.

Update on Dave Brown-CTA rep for Uniserve: He is moving to a new CTA promotion position once his spot is filled. John Wells asked for volunteers to be on the CTA interview panel for his replacement. Julie Ames, Marcia Garten, Loren Myhill, John Wells and Debbie Crew volunteered. A motion was made by Michael Kashdan for John to appoint from this list of volunteers (number needed not clear yet). Martin Juarez seconded and the motion carried.

STRS Credit issue: update provided.

ByLaws Committee Update: A copy of the proposed ByLaws template language was made available at the meeting. John Wells noted that the ByLaws committee met and recommended for OCSEA to keep the CTA template as is; add 20:1 for the rep council; and list out three programs-Alternative Education (ACCESS), Special Schools and CHEP. Loren Myhill made a motion to accept changes in the ByLaws as written in and to change CHEP to Orange County Community Schools (OCCS). Marcia seconded the motion and it carried.

Holiday Party Update: Fliers passed out by Marcia Garten for the OCSEA Food Drive and Holiday party on Dec 6th, 2012 from 3-6pm at Lucky Strike Bowling -the Block in Orange. Please RSVP to Marcia Garten by Dec 3rd at mgarten@ocde.us. Teacher plus one guest free ( including Fee payers) Julie Ames made a motion that Long Term subs be included in the Holiday Party. Beth Orlik seconded and motion carried. Special thanks to Marcia for organizing this event 3 years in a row. Please post fliers and inform teachers.

New Business: We will ask CTA if we can have one Rep Council election next year to fill open positions and new positions for July 1, 2013 -- June 30, 2015 term or if we need a separate election to fill Rep Council vacancies.

Webmaster will put updated seniority list on the web. President John Wells recognized and thanked Joel Harrison for his hard work in maintaining the OCSEA website and keeping the membership informed. Joel has retired and agreed to volunteer to run the web site in the future. The rep council thanked Joel and Loren Myhill made a motion to reimburse Joel for any expenses he incurred in the past to maintain the OCSEA website. The motion also included reimbursing Joel for future website services work not to exceed $100.00 per year. Chris Off seconded. Motion carried with one opposed.

Conference Update: Las Vegas Issues Conference January 18-January 20, 2013 is accepting registrations. Please contact Mary Jane Roberts for registration. Any association member can request to be registered up to number budgeted.

Michael Kashdan moved to adjourn the meeting. Julie Ames seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 4:45pm.

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