November 6, 2006

Registration of members and guests.

Meeting called to order at 3:37 p.m.

Request by President: all attending members please sign in and fill out a name tag.

Role call of Rep. Council

Reminder by President regarding Rep. Council voting privileges: members must attend a minimum of three consecutive meetings, be voted in by the Rep. Council members in attendance at that meeting, and voting privileges are lost if these criteria are not met. These conditions apply to all members including past officers.

Secretary presents the minutes:

Minutes approved as presented.

Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer's report approved as presented.

Committee Reports:

Nurses Evaluation Form committee: the plan will be presented to negotiations team for implementation next year.


Richard Berman raised the point that after the October meeting he called CTA (Burlingame) to find out the status of our membership cards. It was determined that the cards had been sent to the past Vice-President on July 6, 2006. After finding out that information another call was placed to the past V.P. where a time was agreed upon to pick-up all past materials. Finding the current membership cards, Richard began to distribute to all teachers.

Richard continued to say that a membership folder was received from the V.P. as well and he is working diligently to bring the membership folder up-to-date. A few membership forms were located and sent on to CTA for immediate processing.

Richard addressed changes to the meetings beginning with a roll-call for board members and rep-council members present. Richard also stated that there will be a new policy where all members present at meetings will be wearing name tags.

Richard announced that there are 493 total members; 133 fee payers and 360 union members. Richard was able to have 3 fee payers become union members in the past month and had one union member resign their membership and go back to becoming a fee payer.

Per Rich, long-term subs with a contract are permitted to join the union. Category III subs may join OCSEA, but not CTA.

Rich will contact Dick Nagle and request an updated list of status of all credentialed staff. He has also been trying to contact all new hires and explain the benefits of union membership to them. Loren reminded the members that all new applications for membership go to Rich.


No report -- Secretary not present.

PAR Report:

Next meeting is November 15, 2006. Planning in progress to put together a workshop for new teachers;

have a consulting teacher available to work with teachers who need additional support.

Elections Committee:

Request made to membership for volunteers: Debbie Crew, Lupe Marino, Kara Petite, Tom Rotunno, and Pat Elliott offered to serve on this committee.

President's Report:

Loren presented the CTA flyer to draw attention to the benefits of asking administrators to put items in writing. Important especially to ask that instructions to teachers that appear to be out-of-the ordinary be written. Non-recorded discussion followed.

Negotiations update: Copies of the current bargaining unit Agreement are available on the intranet.

Joint communiques have been available to all members. IBPST is focusing on compensation issues in November sessions. Budget analysis shows that the Department can reasonably afford to increase teacher's salaries by up to 8.5% this year which would keep us competitive with OC districts. Whether they will act responsibly once again remains to be seen. Financial data made available to membership. Scott is welcome to attend planning sessions and bargaining sessions as an observer of the team for the future. The next planning session is November 14, 2006.

Roster size violations must always be reported to the union and to your principal. Principals are responsible for all student placements and must be held strictly to our contractual agreement. All teachers must report violations to the contract. Even if it is another teacher at your site who is being violated; it is a serious matter and does affect you. Please read page 31 of the contract. It spells out class and roster size, as well as classroom space. Never forget that an injury to one is an injury to all. No one should be working in a hostile environment, and the vast majority of us do not. We must rally in support of anyone who is being abused and not ever become tolerant of this behavior. Everyone suffers in a negative environment, but we can change it if we all unite and stand up for each other.

Old Business:

New member packets and calendars: please take enough packets for new members at your site and a calendar for yourself and everyone at your site who may need one. You may also give these packets to all fee payers so they can see the value of membership. Site visits: Loren will continue to visit sites as time permits. If you want your site or staff meeting to be next in priority, please let him know.

New Business:

Concerns presented regarding voting, recording of details. Motion/Carolyn Johnson: The minutes will include a roster of those attending meetings. Motion seconded/John Wells. Discussion of motion followed. Votes in favor: 8; against: 2. Motion carried. Motion/Marcus Gunther: An option will be offered to members who do not wish their names printed in the minutes. Motion seconded/John Wells. Votes in favor: 11; against: 0. Motion carried.

Concern presented regarding union dues increase. Motion/Dave Glick: That the recent dues increase be revoked and future proposed dues increases be presented to all membership for a vote. Motion seconded/Marcus. Discussion of motion followed. Motion withdrawn: Dave Glick. Motion/John Wells: That we survey the membership regarding our recent dues increase. Motion seconded/Rich Berman. Discussion followed. Votes in favor: 6; against: 0. Motions carried.

Next Meeting: December 4, 2006 at 3:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.