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November 3, 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Richard Berman at 3:35 PM.

Mary Burton pointed out an inaccuracy in the October minutes regarding negotiated health benefits. It should read, "If negotiations go beyond December, OCDE will discuss continuing to pay benefits premiums until negotiations are complete."

The minutes were approved as amended.

Richard reported that we now have only 466 unit members.

PAR is sponsoring Win-Win teacher training in the Spring. Carolyn Johnson presented flyers that will be coming to all teachers from Mary Herron for registration in the class.

OCSEA and the Department have scheduled an 11/19/08 meeting with Nina regarding contract violations at Sunburst academy.

Cyndie Borcoman reported on service learning projects involving our teachers and students, and recognition from CTA. Richard said that more articles are planned for appearance in the CA Educator about what OCSEA teachers are doing.

Richard still needs completed lists of email addresses from Reps. for their groups who have not turned theirs in to him.

Negotiations Update: (Pending ratification at the end of negotiations) Bereavement leave has been expanded to include brother-in-law, sister-in-law and domestic partner for five days, and aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews for three days. Release time is also added to the contract for presidents.

CTA General Fund Allocation: The No on prop 8 campaign has been partially funded by CTA and Richard has brought forms for those who wish to act on their membership funds allocations as a result. Loren encouraged members to not quit the Union entirely over the actions of CTA officers because the Unions are their best job protection. If they wish to redirect their dues or express their views to the CTA officers that is a better option. Richard and Loren also pointed out that OCSEA (our Local Education Association) continues to take neutral positions on Non-educational political issues, and none or our LEA dues are used for politics.

John Wells moved that we send a resolution asking CTA to not spend our dues on non-education issues. Ann Marie Kaumo seconded, Good discussion followed. The motion failed 12 to 5.

OCDE Appreciation Night--Arsenal Basketball: See flyer for free tickets for first 400, and others from OCDE will also receive discounts. OCDE will handle everything for us.

Reimbursements: Mary moved that her $83.56 mileage and toll expenses for Aug.-Oct. negotiations reimbursed. Motion carried.

Fall Leadership Conference: Twelve are going on November 14-17. We plan to join with others for a large reception on Saturday night.

Representative Council Membership: New Rep. Council Members are needed to replace Dave Glick and Kenneth Ko who have resigned September first and October thirty-first respectively.

Lewis Lester is now in ACCESS so there is only one spot open. Cyndie Borcorman moved that Ruth Rosen fill the open spot. Martia Garten seconded. John Wells and Mary Jane pointed out that Lewis Lester has Special Schools experience and can represent them even if he is not working there. This would allow both Jim Bailey and Ruth Rosen to be on Council. Cyndie Borcoman withdrew her original motion and moved that both James Bailey and Ruth Rosen both be on council and Lewis Lester remain in his original designation as a representative. Marcia Garten seconded and the motion carried.

December 1, 2008 meeting: Richard will send an email with more details.

Richard will answer all questions on seniority dates if members will call him. He has a new and completely updated list. The Department is checking to see if anyone disagrees with the Department records. Mary Jane suggested teachers put down what they think their date is and let the Department work to refute it if they disagree.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm