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December 1, 2008

Meeting was called to order at 3:37pm

Minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurer's report was approved as presented.

Roll Call: Loren called the roll at the request of the president. Seventeen Rep. Council members including the four officers were present.

President's Reports: There was considerable discussion about movement of administrators back to the classroom. Richard Berman stated that administrators returning to the classroom would come in on our salary schedule at their hire date with the Department when they were originally hired as teachers.

Following extensive discussion about what might happen in ACCESS regarding personnel movement, open positions, long term substitutes, and possible changes. Richard Berman said he would have CTA request information from the Department in a letter that explains what is going on with Administration plans and how it is going to affect our membership. We also need to be kept informed of subsequent changes to these plans.

Regarding Sunburst Academy issues, Richard Berman reported that at the last meeting with Administrators it was agreed that documents would be submitted explaining the program and procedures which would be reviewed by all parties at the next meeting in the continuing effort to resolve the problems there.

Membership: Mary Jane Roberts reported that we have 456 bargaining unit members.

Fall Leadership Conference: Maria Martinez, John Wells, Loren Myhill, Richard Berman, Jim Bailey, Mary Burton, Scott Turner, Debbie Crew, and Marcia Garten attended and many shared items that were learned. The combined chapter Saturday evening reception was a great success. Special guests included President of CTA David Sanchez and Lloyd Porter.

Contract Language "Working conditions" It was decided this item would be discussed at the end of the meeting for those who wished to stay Richard Berman and Marlene Simmons met with a couple of members who wanted more clarification on working conditions.

Negotiations update: Mary Burton shared about proposed changes to our contract language that should provide clarification on instructional minutes and primary duties.

Rural "COE" Conference: Pat Elliot moved, and Marcia Garten seconded, that we approve funds to send up to four people to the conference in Las Vegas. Motion carried.

Health Care Conference

Cara Petitte moved that we send Richard Berman and Mary Jane Roberts to the Health care conference. Mary Burton seconded and motion carried.

Please visit the CTA website for current information on all upcoming conferences and notify Richard if you would like to participate.

New Business:

John Wells shared that he would like us to hire a bookkeeper to do our tax return and reports. Mary Burton, our former Treasurer, had reservations about the necessity of doing this. Pat Elliott moved that the Executive Officers select an outside accountant to prepare the 2008 tax forms for OCSEA. Mary Burton Seconded the motion and it carried.

School Calendars for 2009-2010

Richard Berman shared his concern that Nina Boyd wants to change the format of the Calendar Committee to one with less representation from all the programs in the Department. Loren Myhill also expressed the importance of consulting with those affected by the decisions of this committee for the benefit and viability of each program. Richard Berman and Norma Potter will ask Nina Boyd to continue operating the committee in the same manner that has worked so well in the past.

Reimbursements: John Wells issued reimbursement checks to the members for conference mileage costs.

Next meeting will be February 2, 2009

Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm