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December 13, 2010

Richard Berman called the meeting to order at 3:41.

Loren Myhill called the role to establish a voting quorum.

Richard Berman reminded everyone that no emails are to go out from OCSEA without his approval first.

Minutes were approved as presented. Ann Marie Kaumo moved and Tom Rotunno seconded that the minutes from the November meeting be approved. Motion carried.

Pat Elliott presented the treasurer report, which was approved as presented. Pat shared the CTA financial report with Dave Glick who requested a copy. Pat also shared that the mileage reimbursement rate is now $0.51 per mile.

Mary Jane Roberts reported that we have 398 members at the present time.

Grievance resolution: Richard reported that all summer school teachers will receive their pay as contracted on the salary schedule. This will be paid retroactively to those who are owed compensation.

ACCESS now has a number of teachers who have low rosters so there may be some movement of teachers very soon. Possibly three will be sent to fill open positions at Fischer. Enrollment is down less than where we were at this time last year by about two hundred students.

John Nelson, announced his retirement and on December 31, 2010, but plans to continue working on an "emeritus for free" status with limited responsibilities and no salary. The department has requested that no e-mails be sent with congratulations and there will be no retirement party.

Special Education Case Load Committee: Richard plans to send out an email to special education teachers to remind them to closely follow the matrix on student case loads. Vacant and pending case load students are to be addressed by administration in the near future to ensure we are in compliance with State guidelines. Teachers are asked to keep Richard informed of changes they see taking place in the next few months so that staffing is done properly.

Richard has appointed Loren Myhill and John Wells to be the representatives on the Calendar Committee for 2011-2012. Both Loren and John will be responsible for e-mailing the Department's 2011-2012 school calendar's out and receiving input from the bargaining unit.

185 teacher work year investigation committee has met again and discussed various issues. They are still collecting questions that need to be addressed and teachers are welcome to send their questions to Richard to add to the list.

Tom reported that On-line elections would cost us $185 per year for lowest cost service, and we get one free trial. Ann Marie moved that we do a paper ballot to get approval to try the on-line voting system. Ruth Rosen seconded. Motion carried.

Loren moved that we donate $1000.00 to the Roger Slagle Memorial Student Scholarship Fund. Ann Marie seconded, and the motion passed. Discussion indicated that more investigation is needed as to just exactly how this will all work out in the future.

John Wells moved that we add Linda Gruber to the Rep. Council. Julie Ames seconded and motion carried.

La Habra is still at impasse and on strike at the present time. John Wells moved that we donate $1000.00 to their strike fund. Ann Marie seconded and the motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 5:03.

The next meeting will be February 7th.