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OCSEA Meeting Notes

December 3, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 3:42pm by President John Wells.

Secretary Chris Off called the roll and a quorum was established.

Copies of the minutes of the November 5, 2012 meeting were available. No further discussion and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Marcia Garten made available the monthly treasurer's report. No questions and the report was approved.

Vice President Report: Vice President Loren Myhill reported there are a total of 382 members, 321 active and 61 fee payers. After the New Year, the rep council will reach out to fee payers via a newsletter to inform them of CTA benefits. Some fee payers are not aware that they are fee payers, and some fee payers have expressed an interest to potentially rejoin.

President's Report: President John Wells provided the monthly up-to-date handout detailing Association Business Time Out of Class 2012-2013.

Reminder to contact John Wells with any STRS credit issues concerns by January 31, 2013 so he can bring it up with administration.

Holiday party Update-Dec. 6th from 3-6pm at the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley in Orange. Close to 70 have responded and RSVPs to mgarten@ocde.us can still be made in the next few days.

Election Committee Update-Alison Cary reported that the CTA training was well done and by next Tuesday Dec. 11th, the election committee will be counting votes. The last group of ballots was sent out last Tuesday. Please mail your ballots in by this Saturday to make the Tuesday deadline. This election will be mail only. Alison will send out an email to the candidates to notify them of the time/place of the count. A candidate may send a representative to observe the counting of the ballots following strict CTA guidelines. Election results will come out in email format. In the New Year, preparation for election new rep council members and Bylaws ratification will commence. New Election Committee members will be recruited.

Conference Update-Issues conference in Las Vegas-January 18-January 20, 2013 has 8 teachers signed up, with 10 total approved to go. Email Mary Jane Roberts if you want to attend.

Cabinet Communication dated 11/29/12- discussed.

Meeting in January- A motion was made by Mike Kashdan to not hold the January meeting unless the president calls a meeting with 5 days notice. Julie Ames seconded the motion and the motion passed. Absent notice of a January meeting, our next meeting will be February 4, 2012.

Debbie Crew moved to adjourn the meeting. Marcia Garten seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 4:35pm.