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OCSEA Meeting Notes

Dec. 2, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 3:33 p.m. by President John Wells.

1. Secretary Chris Off called the roll and a voting quorum was established.

2. Copies of the minutes of the Nov. 4, 2013 meeting were available for review with no corrections made. No further discussion and the minutes were approved.

3. Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Marcia Garten made available the monthly treasurer's report. The report was approved.

4. Vice President Report: Vice President Loren Myhill reported OCDE reports a total of 361 bargaining unit members as of 11/30/13.

5. President's Report: President John Wells provided the monthly up-to-date handout detailing Association Business Time out of Class 2013-2014.

a) Declining enrollment issues-We are encouraging administration to solicit districts, and probation to promote ACCESS. John Wells is scheduling an appointment with Al Mujeres to discuss administrations plans for his vision and to discuss declining enrollment. Teachers are encouraged to ask administrators what they are doing for increasing enrollment and keeping students in ACCESS. One administrator from one AU (correction) is looking at every single status change for any dropped students to make sure every option has been looked at to recover these students e.g. through Outreach. John Wells would like to be notified if there are any reports of a site saying they are full or if a student is delayed in signing up to enroll in ACCESS. Discussion ensued re: the change of funding from A/B to L and how this impacts dollars for students in ACCESS and Districts.

6. Bargaining Survey and Openers:

Compensation and Benefits are always included as openers and we are allowed to propose 2 others. Discussion ensued re: the survey results and suggestions were taken from the rep council for openers after they had been reviewed previously by email and in the meeting. The bargaining survey responses were overall consistent. Lonnie Howerton made a motion to have one opener regarding teachers being involved in curriculum development/adoption and implementing the Common Core Standards. Dave Bush seconded the motion. The motion passed.

7. Holiday Party is this Thursday- The Holiday party will be at Lucky Strike in Orange -Dec. 5th-Thursday from 3:00-6:00pm. Please give your paraeducators and subs a flyer and invite them to show our appreciation for the hard work that they do. Teachers may bring a guest as well. We have 100 RSVP's. If you have not responded to date, please come and we will fit everyone in. Our voluntary goodwill donations at the door can be given to Alison Carey who is heading a gift card drive for the families at Skyview (Project Hope) school in Orange. In lieu of canned goods, please donate any $5.00-$10.00 gift card if you wish. Alison sent out an email.

10. John Wells asked for sign-ups for future conferences. He is keeping a running list:


Nov 15-17 Palm Springs GLBT Conference-Loren, Beth and Chris reported out on this valuable conference. Handouts were provided to make all educators aware of terminology, the recent Assembly bill, a curricular link for Women in History will be emailed in the future. Please see us for more details.

Beth Orlik

Loren Myhill

Chris Off

Jan 17-19 Las Vegas Issues Conference

John Wells

Beth Orlik

Allison Carey

Julie Ames

Diana Freeman

Mary Burton

March 14-16 Good Teaching Conference-Region IV Leadership Conference-site TBD

No sign ups yet

April 25-27 Region IV Leadership Conference íńžIrvine Marriott

Alison Carey

John Wells

Mary Jane Roberts

Julie Ames

Note: We are accepting up to 10 members per conference. Please email John of interest right away. If there is interest beyond 10 members, there will be a vote by rep council to approve. The Las Vegas conference is now open for registration on the CTA website. Make your hotel reservation as soon as possible to get the CTA rate. Email a copy of invoice to Marcia for payment.

10. First time attendees. We had no first time attendees. Please encourage new members to attend the December meeting.

Thanks to Alison Carey for treats. Well appreciated.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Next meeting Monday, January 13, 2013 at 3:30 at 281 North Rampart St. Suite A., Orange, CA 92868

Meetings for the rest of year 2014- Feb 3, March 3, April 7, May 5, and June 2nd-mark your calendars.