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OCSEA Minutes February 1, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 3:35 by Mary Jane Roberts.

Richard is with his ailing mother so Vice-President Mary Jane officiated and requested that we contact her at 714-376-4435 if we have any issues.

Attendance for the February 2010 Rep-Council meeting will be taken from the sign in sheet.

Carolyn moved and Debbie seconded her motion that the minutes from the December meeting will be presented for approval next meeting. The motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: Pat Elliott shared recommendations she has received regarding a better way to keep track of expenditures and receipts. Possibly adopting some standing rules would be the best solution. Terri moved and Julie seconded a motion that the treasurer's report be approved as presented. Motion carried. An extension for tax report to IRS was filed. Actual report will also be completed soon and filed. John moved that that we authorize the treasurer to get whatever records she deems appropriate. Julie seconded. Motion carried.

Ninety day contracts are coming to a close. There may be a few substitute positions through March.

The Department is planning to issue RIF notices to at least 30 teachers this year.

Issues of 43 on Independent Study rosters, and extra duty compensation, was discussed in the roster review meeting at Kalmus January 29, 2010. No resolution was achieved so we will have to wait and see what the Department decides to do next.

Negotiations: If you wish to be on the negotiations team email Richard with your qualifications and desire to serve by the end of this month. No form will be sent out. An email will be sent out however.

Elections Committee: John Rotunno chairman. Ann Marie Kaumo, Debbie Crew, Joel Harrison, Beth Orlick, Martia Garten volunteered for the elections committee. Nominations must be in before the March meeting. The four present officers are all going to run again for the same positions.

Rural issues Conference: Beth, Richard, Terry, Mary Jane, and Lewis attended and reported some of the things they learned.

Insurance Conference: Richard and Mary Jane attended. Maintaining quality of care and controlling costs was the major focus. Audit of broker costs for this year has been requested from the Department already.

State Council: Mary Jane represented us at this conference. County Office of Ed. Caucus shared the importance of having a report of teacher injuries and how long emotionally disturbed students must be served by us if they continue to pose a danger to the teacher.

Lewis Lester presented a proposal for the Association to pay half of the CSET testing fees for the first 100 teachers who pass the test in the 2009-2010 school year.

Lewis moved that the Rep. Council grant the OCSEA Executive Board authority to allocate up to $11,000 to fund the CSET rebate offer for up to 100 fee payers and members for the 2009-2010 CSET testing period with the stipulations outlined in the rebate offer flyer (attached.) Dave seconded. Motion carried.

Lewis moved that the Rep. Council direct the OCSEA President and/or his designees to disseminate information regarding the CSET rebate offer to OCSEA fee payers and members via the OCSEA website, email, personal delivery, and/or staff/faculty mailboxes. Joel seconded. Motion carried.

Lewis moved that OCSEA direct our Treasurer, or the CSET rebate contact person, to prepare and present a monthly report/update on the CSET rebate offer with a final detailed report due in December 2010. Ruth seconded. Motion carried.

Norma Potter, our CTA staff contact person, shared that this is a non-chargeable expense so we may need to rethink this whole thing. Lewis moved that we rescind our approval of these motions based on this information. Marcia seconded. Motion carried.

Mary Jane shared about Read-Across-America on March 2nd. See the CTA website.

March Fourth all teachers are requested to wear blue to show our concern about how all the cuts are effecting education in California. Loren suggested that all who have a "When one suffers, we all suffer" button also wear it the same day.

RTTT : OCDE has applied for the funds, but details on the program are still not know.

Pat moved that we establish some standing rules to clarify association operations taken from previous minutes and amended them as needed. Marcia seconded. Motion carried.

Pat moved that the president add the treasurer to the credit card account for the purpose of gaining access to the account. Tom seconded. Motion carried.

April 16th Region Four conference in Rancho Mirage. Teri moved that we send up to 10 people to the conference. Janet seconded. Motion carried. Email Mary Jane before you register and she will approve your registration. FAX registration to Pat and she will pay for it. After the conference Pat will reimburse each attendee for the mileage and hotel room costs.

Day of the teacher is May 13th. Mary will check into the cost of a gift for all members.

Dave Glick moved that we established a benevolent fund for teachers who have been laid off. Julie seconded. Norma shared that once teachers are no longer employed by OCDE they are also no longer members and we are prohibited from giving money to non- members. Motion failed.

Marcia expressed a concern about the fairness of how people are reassigned and transferred. Mary Jane shared that Richard is working very closely with administration to ensure that the Contract is honored. Mary Jane also stated that anytime you are presented with a request to change assignments, be sure to call Richard before responding in a positive manner to the request.

John moved and Julie seconded that we approve the MOU for the early retirement incentive. The Department is offering two years paid health benefits or $20,000. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 5:35.