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February 6, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 3:45pm by President Richard Berman.

Secretary Loren Myhill called the role for the establishment of a quorum. Cyndie Borcoman, Janet Fischmann, Charles Kelley and Mary Jane Roberts were absent.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as presented.

Treasurer's report: Pat Elliott presented and reviewed the treasurer's report which was approved as presented. Copies were available for all Rep. Council members and anyone else who may want a copy.

Membership Report: Since Mary Jane Roberts was not present, we will get an update next month.

President's Report: ADA / ADE Committee (Loren Myhill, Richard Berman and Mary Jane Roberts) met in January and documents for enrollment versus attendance were presented for Months 1-6. Questions regarding teachers who appeared to have double rosters were asked and administration was looking into the reporting of other certain rosters. Several rosters were below normal for both CL and DS. Rosters for each AU, large and small, were reviewed at the meeting and Richard Berman reported the numbers of rosters below 10 for DS, rosters below 30 for CL, rosters below 20 for CL and rosters that exceeded 43 for CL for each AU. Richard Berman also reported that two positions in South were being eliminated due to lack of students. It was reported that Anaheim Union High School District may be sending us some early S1S students who are behind on credits.

Negotiations Update: Richard Berman reported Special Education consultants will be at the next IBPST meeting to help discuss the new Policies and Procedures Manual for ACCESS Special Ed and to begin to negotiate the work load issue. The Association was introducing three Special Ed Consultants of their own to assist with the Negotiations for ACCESS Special Ed. The OCSEA consultants are Debbie Crew, Andrea Covington and Bette Reynolds

S1S has been a real money maker for ACCESS and brought a net increase of $3,037,081 in Summer 2011. The session for Summer 2012 S1S brought a net increase of funds for ACCESS of $5,915,091. Special Schools continues to decline in enrollment from 523 now and is projected to be at 508 students.

The ACCESS PAR/AU reconfiguration was projected to save ACCESS $1.2M in the first year, however, only $679,703 in total cost reduction actually materialized according to their report. This demonstrated a concern regarding administration's inability to make accurate projections. Also, averages for ending balances and reserves for OCDE and ACCESS are continuing to increase, while they continue to project hard times financially.

Bargaining survey results: votingplace.net was difficult to use so another instrument may be used next time. Under ten percent responded to the survey. Member benefits, compensation and employment conditions were identified as the areas of primary concern for members.

Election Committee: Pat Elliott reported that Mike Rainis (AU 110) had been elected as our new Rep. Council member replacing Marlene Simmons. Anyone interested in joining the Committee please contact Pat Elliott. Nominations for executive officers will be accepted during February and March. Names can be emailed to Pat Elliott at any time and elections will be done on votingplace.net in April. Pat Elliott moved that we approve $180 to renew our membership to votingplace.net. Marcia Garten seconded and the motion carried. A letter will also be mailed to all members before voting with their CTA membership number. If you have had a recent address change or are not currently receiving a copy of the California Educator, please make sure Mary Jane Roberts has an updated change of address so that you will begin to receive the CTA information and receive your membership number for voting.

Bylaws committee: Mary Jane plans on sending the new draft to CTA to see if our proposed changes are acceptable. Pat Elliott gave out drafts of old and new language for Rep Council members to review and to share to other members to give them another opportunity for expressing ideas regarding the proposed changes. Pat Elliott moved that Rep. Council members send suggestions for changes to By-Laws and Standing Rules by email to all the Bylaws/Standing Rules Committee members. Tom Rotunno seconded and the motion carried.

Issues Conference was attended by nine members and some highlights were shared with the group. The Health Care Conference was attended by Richard Berman and Lewis Lester. Kaiser was highly criticized for their increased charges in the Central Valley area of the State. Richard shared some information regarding coming changes to our W-2's that will begin to state the value of our health benefits. Possible discounts from fitness companies and nutrition companies like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystems may become possible to encourage preventive health care and wellness and to fight obesity. Richard Berman also reported long term health care policies are available from CTA and Schools First as member benefits. Richard Berman also reported that the website ocsea.com will begin to share our health benefits utilization costs as a whole for the Department, along with vision and dental care. The website will also have a powerpoint presentation on "What is healthcare" and a glossary of important health terms. Richard Berman reported that "it is important for our members to begin to understand the health care and the changes we face in determining the ongoing benefits that the department provides us."

State Council: Update will be given at next meeting by Mary Jane Roberts due to her absence.

STRS Update: A summary was given by Richard Berman. About 17 members submitted evidence to CTA legal, and they will report to the Department that CTA's position is that the Department was in error in reporting service credit for those members who chose a contract option other than 216 days and needs to submit corrections to STRS. We will then await the Department's response before deciding on pursuing any legal action against the Department for failure to comply. Also, Lewis Lester reminded everyone that the opportunity to purchase service credit may soon end if current legislation passes.

New Business: OCSEA/Orange Unified Uni-serve proposal was explained by Richard Berman. Our CTA staff-person Norma Potter has taken on five more school districts for a total of 11 school districts being serviced by one staff contact person. Richard Berman explained that Norma's service to us is becoming greatly diminished. The proposal was sent to the Rep Council by the OCSEA Executive Board and is proposed for us to join the Orange Unified Uni-serve so that we will share a CTA staff contact person with only one other district and potentially may have better service from our new CTA staff contact person. There appears to be no financial challenge to switch to the Uni-serve but Orange Unified Association members and the new CTA staff contact person Dave has agreed to come to our next meeting and discuss this and answer questions. We also have a new District M Board Member Kendall Vaught who is planning to come to the March meeting as well.

Region Four Leadership Conference is coming up in San Diego the weekend of April 20th. Registration and information is available on-line at www.cta.org. Pat Elliott moved that we send up to 20 people to this conference. Lewis Lester seconded and the motion carried. Contact Mary Jane Roberts by email if you are interested in going.

General questions from the membership were asked and answered by the board.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:18pm.

The next meeting will be on Monday, March 5, 2012 at 3:30pm.