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March 4, 2008

Registration of members and guests.

Meeting called to order at 3:40 p.m.

Role call of Rep. Council

Request by President: all attending members please sign in and fill out a name tag.

Thank you for attending: In addition to some great food enjoyed by all, first time visitors were given a gift this month. The time and dedication of all who attend our meetings is greatly appreciated.

Ground rules: mutual respect of all speakers, no side remarks or interruptions. Remember that the words of each person are equally as important as yours. Please choose your words carefully so that you need to speak one time to any issue as time constraints may not allow a second chance. Discussion is limited to the motion on the floor. Motions limited to ten minutes. No ringing cell phones and phone conversations during the meetings.

Secretary presents the minutes:

Motion to approve minutes. Correction made to minutes. Motion seconded. Minutes approved as corrected.

Treasurer's Report:

Motion to approve Treasurer's report. Motion seconded. Treasurer's report approved as presented. Copies of the October report available to members.

Committee Reports:


Please send all home address corrections and new member updates to Richard Berman. Richard is now at Fischer. His telephone number is 714-935-7651. All new membership applications and personal information updates are to be sent to Richard at Fischer School for processing with CTA and OCDE.

Gifts presented to first time attendees. Loren is updating email addresses. Loren and Richard have membership application blanks available.


Everyone is encouraged to check out www.ocsea.com.

PAR Report:

Due to the California State Budget process, PAR funding for the next fiscal year has not yet been clarified.

Elections Committee:

The Elections Committee will do the mailings for the upcoming nomination and election of OCSEA officers for the 2008 -- 2010 term.

President's Report:

Negotiations update: Copies of the bargaining unit Agreement have been printed and are available on the OCDE intranet and at our web site www.ocsea.com. .

Contract maintenance: All teachers are responsible for reporting violations to the contract. Even if it is another teacher at your site who is being violated it is a serious matter and does affect you. Never forget that an injury to one is an injury to all. No one should be working in a hostile environment, and the vast majority of us do not. We must rally in support of anyone who is being abused and not ever become tolerant of this behavior. Everyone suffers in a negative environment, but we can change it if we all unite and stand up for each other.

Old Business:

New member packets and information is available from Richard Berman.

Site visits: Loren and Richard will continue to visit sites as time permits. If you want your site or staff meeting to be next in priority, please let them know.

Site Liaisons are to be performing all the normal functions and duties of a teacher, and in addition, may assume designated functions in the absence of an administrator. Again it has become necessary to remind our members that we as teachers never evaluate one another in any manner. If we have questions regarding a fellow member, we must speak to that member, not administration. Union help is always available to resolve any internal disputes. Administrators are only involved as a last resort. See Article 17 and Appendix D.

New Business:

Treasurer reimbursements: Loren asked that requests for reimbursement be made during New Business, and that receipts be given to Mary when expenditures are approved.

The Spring Leadership Conference will be held April 25 -- 27. Fax Loren and he will add you to the list of attendees.

Our CTA Representative Norma Potter presented a very informative overview of the RIF process. Any members receiving a RIF notice are encouraged to keep Norma informed during the process.

Next Meeting: April 7, 2008 @ 3:35 at South Bristol.

Items from membership as time permits. These should be on the agenda prior to the meeting and addressed under New Business.

Meeting adjourned at 5:02 p.m.

Visit our website: www.ocsea.com.