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OCSEA March Minutes

March 2, 2009

Meeting called to order at 3:40 PM.

Secretary Loren Myhill called the roll of Representative Council Members present.

The minutes from the February meeting were approved as presented.

Richard Berman presented the treasurer report, which was approved as presented.

Mary Jane reported that we have 16 new members since last month.

President's report: Program calendars are available and have been sent out electronically to committee members (Pat Elliott for PCHS; Mary Jane Roberts for CHEP; Loren Myhill for Community Schools; Lewis Lester for Institutions and Pathways and Richard Berman for Sunburst Youth Academy). Please send your reps any proposed changes or questions no later than March 11, 2009. Richard Berman and Lewis Lester will meet with Admin to finalize the schedules on Monday, March 16, 2009.

The Grievance against the Department for violating our Agreement by moving a teacher without giving proper written notice has finally been settled. The Department refused to settle or properly participate in the contractual resolution process until this became an Arbitration case. In mediation it was agreed that the teacher would be returned to the site and 14 days of non-work would be restored and added to the '08-'09 total.

Issue with Mutual Consent to Increase Class Size forms required for some teachers is being discussed with Tony Gibson. Administrators have not admitted or corrected their errors yet so this may result in another grievance. Class size for day school and CL was also being violated, and Richard Berman expressed concerns that violations are impacting the need for teachers.

Spring Leadership Conference is coming up April 24-26 in Irvine. Loren Myhill moved we pay for up to 15 people to go. Marcia Garten seconded. Motion carried.

Richard Berman reviewed the basics about the RIF and the effects upon our 434 certificated bargaining members. Written information was also available for all to take home. The RIF notices are based on seniority dates and program needs which are established by the Department. The large number of notices is based on projections of a decrease in fall student enrollment along with Special Schools take-backs. A discussion was had involving the departments need to keep teachers till September when districts plan to take back their students. Richard Berman stated that most likely teachers will be asked to stay on as long-term subs to cover the classrooms till September. This process of having our RIF'd teachers become subs is not accepted by our union and questions were raised if those effected will wish to help the department out even though the department would be using them to collect ADA without a result of saving jobs. More to come on this topic in the months ahead.

A very important meeting will take place on Monday, March 16 at 3:30pm for all who receive a RIF notice at the Orange Service Center where we have our monthly meetings.

Reimbursements: Richard asked for $100 per month to cover travel expenses for fast track rather than the standard gasoline reimbursement. Dr. Ann Marie Kaumo seconded. Motioned carried.

All teachers are encouraged to wear black or pink on Friday the thirteenth to show disappointment with the State Budget and Union unity as we work to save teacher's jobs.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20 PM.

Next meeting is April 6, 2009.