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OCSEA Minutes March 1, 2010

Meeting called to order at 3:30pm by President, Richard Berman.

Secretary Loren My hill called the role of Representative Council Members present.

Teri Andersson moved and Tom Rotunno seconded a motion that the Minutes for the last two meetings be approved as presented. During the discussion, Tom asked that we change the name fron John back to Tom that was recorded in last month's minutes.Motion carried.

Number of bargaining unit members at present is now down to 376.

Pat Elliott presented the treasurer's report and copies were available for all present. John moved and Tom seconded that treasurers report be approved as presented. Motion carried.

President's report: Richard thanked everyone for all the support and help during this difficult time for him and his family.

Nina has reported that about 40 RIF notices are going out starting March 2nd. Richard does not have a list yet even though the ed code requires it to be delivered before the notices go out.

Any problems with the AESOP system should be reported to Nina Boyd and carbon copied (cc) to Richard Berman. Richard Berman also discussed that many substitutes had not been removed form the system even though many of them have decided to collect unemployment instead. The Department has not tracked the current number of substitutes that are no longer in our system and are unaware of the number that we may need in order to not be able to fill all required substitute positions.

A lengthy discussion about issues with the AESOP system took place but no solutions have been reached. Marcia Garten moved that OCSEA request a comprehensive audit to determine why jobs are not being filled to ensure RIFF'd teachers have first right of refusal, and all jobs are being filled on a daily basis. Julie Ames seconded. Motion carried.

CAHSEE remediation will no longer be offered by certificated employees, but will be replaced by classified personnel according to HR. We are challenging this ruling. We want certificated to have first right of refusal to these jobs.

The Department is trying to come up with a new guideline that will be universal in all PAR's regarding extra-duty pay. Any changes to the present contract must be negotiated and approved by our bargaining unit.

Nina Boyd plans to attend our April meeting. She has stated that those who lose their jobs in the RIF will possibly be needed for the excess students this summer. Richard Berman stated that Capo Valley, Newport-Mesa and Placentia-Yorba Linda school districts have already asked OCDE to provide summer school options for their students. Other districts may be asking OCDE to do the same because of budget constraints. Also, there may be opportunities to work in the online program through PCHS till August. Thus the April meeting date may be changed to accommodate her schedule.

March fourth is another day to all wear blue to protest all the cuts to education in the State of California. There are also rallies taking place all over the State protesting education cuts.

Richard Berman also reported that ACCESS is planning on increasing the number of Principals and returning some vice-principals back to the classroom in hopes of creating smaller more manageable PAR's. This change is to take place before July 1st. According to California Ed Code, a reminder that any teacher who begins their employment with OCDE and then moves to administration may return to the teacher pool with their seniority and years of total experience for the pay scale.

The President's appointments for the Negotiations Team for next session were chosen from the twelve applicants. They are Lewis Lester, Mary Jane Roberts, Marlene Simmons, Richard Berman, Loren Myhill, and alternate will be Mary Burton. Richard Berman stated that he feels these will be the strongest people to deal with the difficult issues we will be facing. Richard Berman entertained a motion to approve these appointments, James Bailey so moved and Marcia Garten seconded. Motioned carried unanimously.

Richard Berman discussed the importance of transparency when negotiating the contract. He hopes that several questionnaires will come out through the process so that all teachers will be aware of what is being asked for in Negotiations so that there are no perceived surprises when it comes to the contract ratification vote.

Nomination process is closed for the new officers. The nominees are: President: Richard Berman and Marlene Simmons, Vice-President: Mary Jane Roberts and Julie Ames, Secretary: Loren Myhill and Jim Adams, Treasurer: Lewis Lester, Pat Elliott and Cathy Trujillo.

Tom Rotunno is the Elections chairperson and will be sending out an e-mail that will discuss the electronic voting options or vote in person at the CTA office on March 31st.

Meeting adjourned at 5:17pm.