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OCSEA Minutes

March 5, 2012

Meeting was called to order by President Richard Berman at 3:45 PM. Meeting rules were quickly reviewed.

Secretary Loren Myhill called the role of Rep. Council members and a voting quorum was established.

The minutes of the February meeting were approved as presented.

Treasurer Pat Elliott distributed and reviewed copies of the treasurer's report. John Wells moved and Linda Gruber seconded that it be approved as presented. Motion carried.

Membership: Vice-President Mary Jane Roberts reported that our membership now stands at 342 members and 64 fee payers.

President's Report: 2011-2012 printed contracts were available for all Rep. Council members.

Copies of initial proposals were presented. Richard reported about the discussions taking place regarding Special Education workloads during bargaining sessions. We are sending out a survey to all SE teachers to gather reliable data about all their time spent on all their tasks.

We plan to send out a general education survey that deals with working conditions and time usage data for all other teachers.

Alliance is our Health Benefits broker who continually provides us lots more information than AON used to provide. Alliance was chosen from about six Insurance Brokerage companies that were interviewed by the Department to be implemented this year. Richard reviewed these preliminary trends, but we do not have any projections for renewal costs at this time. However, trends do look okay for now.

Charles Kelly has resigned as a member of our Rep. Council for personal reasons, so we need to fill his position.

Enrollment has already begun for 2012 S1S. We are going to develop a new MOU for the upcoming session. Please give input to us regarding things you wish to include for this year, considering both positive and negative issues from the past. Please e-mail your concerns to Richard Berman at ocseapresident@yahoo.com

ADA review meeting exposed some staffing errors and as a result changes have been made to some teacher rosters and new openings have been exposed and flown. HR is still working on staffing at Haster and Fountain Valley and placing a teacher returning from leave. There is also an opening in the FIRE program due to a teacher leaving pending investigation outcomes. General discussions took place regarding possibilities for ACCESS expanding into Los Angeles Adult Correctional Facilities. Martin Juarez gave an overview of how the FIRE program operates.

Also be careful in what you say if ever given your Miranda Rights. Use great discretion in all communications verbal and written in any situations that may involve disciplinary action or possible insubordination issues and carbon copy all e-mails to a member of the Rep Council and a member of the OCSEA Executive Board as back-up and support.

HR has stated that no compensatory service (in ACCESS SpEd.) should be required outside the professional work day. If this situation arises it is good to ask if you're being mandated or directed by your administrator as requiring this, but don't refuse to obey. Document the discussion and email to your personal email as well as to the Association.

State Council Elections and Update: Mary Jane Roberts shared about State Council and discussions taking place in STRS on retirement issues. Her three year term is expiring and we will open nominations for the position. We need to elect a representative and an alternate. The commitment is four weekends per year. Meetings take place at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. All rooms, meals and transportation costs are refunded. Elections should coincide with our election of officers.

Bylaws Committee: Drafts of the proposed changes to our Bylaws and standing rules were distributed. Any ideas should be emailed to Mary Jane or anyone on the committee.

Elections Committee: Nominations for officers are still open and will close on March 16th. We will use votingplace.net and the election will take place in April. We are mailing CTA membership numbers to all members just to make this easier. If you are running for office please send a brief 1-2 paragraph statement to Pat Elliott which will be placed on our website and used for both State Council and OCSEA Executive Board elections.

New business:

John Wells moved that we fill the Rep. Council vacancy with the first runner up in the election to fill the last vacancy. Barbara Haddad seconded. Discussion was held and the motion carried 12 to 3. Ruth Ramirez (AU 110) will be asked if she wants the position. If not, the next person is Chris Hall (AU110).

Possible uni-serve change: Representatives from Orange Unified Education Association came and presented their views on the advantages to us of joining with them and how this could work in the future. Since OUEA has gotten progressively smaller they are in need of joining with another union to make them large enough to remain as a uni-serve. If we joined with OUEA we would only share a CTA Staff Person with them alone, rather than share with eleven others as we do now with Norma Potter. A printed cost analysis of how the funding would work out was presented by Dave Brown from CTA and OUEA president Whitney Annsbery. There would be a small advantage to us financially (about $7,000) in what we would get back from CTA as a refund, and we would have control over a little more of our dues money that now CTA controls. We will still be able to use the Orange Service Center as we do now if we wish for meetings. The primary change to us would be our CTA Staff Contact person. The change will not take place until September 2012. All CTA requires is a statement of interest from our Executive Board to join a uni-serve. All funds would be separated and there will be no pooling of funds. A vote will be held at the next meeting to decide whether we will go forward. Please channel all questions to Richard in the mean time.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:55 PM.

Our next meeting will be at 3:30 PM on April 2, 2012.