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OCSEA Rep. Council Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 3:35 PM on March 30. 2009 and was held on this date in place of the April 2009 meeting due to the RIF hearing on April 6, 2009 at the OCDE board room.

Vice-President Mary Jane Roberts officiated the meeting in the absence of Richard Berman.

Secretary Loren Myhill called the role of Rep. Council members present.

It was moved and seconded that we officially list all the current officers in our minutes. Motion carried.

The Executive Officers serving OCSEA (Orange County Schools Educators Association) presently are: Richard Berman as President, Mary Jane Roberts as Vice President, Mary Burton as Treasurer, and Loren Myhill as Secretary.

The minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurer's report was presented by Mary Burton and approved as presented.

Membership report: Mary Jane gave out membership cards for newly enrolled members that were present. Some cards were entrusted to Union Representatives for direct distribution.

President's Report: Approved calendars for 2009-2010 are now ready and will be emailed out by Beth Fleet from HR. Every effort was made to maintain program requirements while accommodating individual PAR requests.

Two grievances have been filed on behalf of the Union against Tony Gibson for violating the contract requirements for "the mutual consent to increase class size" forms that should be sent to the Union within 3 days of signing. On the last enrollment report dated 3/16/09, 41 teachers have more than 21 enrolled in their class and only 23 consent forms have been turned in to Richard. A meeting took place regarding this issue and Tony told Richard that in order to resolve the issue that any teacher who was found to have more than 19 enrolled and no contract filed will have their enrollment returned to 19 maximum within 24 hours of notice. Also the union will be given ADA reports as well as individual student attendance sheets to verify what our true enrollment reflects. Any deviation will result in the Grievance going to Level 2.

As for the second grievance, the grievance was filed on behalf of the Union against Tony Gibson for increasing Contract Learning Rosters without the approval of the association. The violation occurs in the contract under section which does not allow the Contract Learning roster size to increase more than 38 students for ACCESS and 30 for teen parenting without mutual consent between the association and the department. Currently, there are 16 teachers who are over 38 students for their enrollment and are being paid an additional wage. There has not been a conversation up to this point with any discussion to increasing Roster sizes for Contract Learning.

Tony and Richard have a meeting scheduled for the first part of next week. Richard has a meeting set up with Janeen, Nina and Norma to discuss yet again another violation of the contract in reference to notifying teachers about moves. Whether the move is voluntary or reassignment, each teacher affected must be given written notice a minimum of 5 days before a move takes place. The written form may be mailed or electronically transmitted but does not allow for teachers to turn it down. Janeen clearly stated that she never has followed this rule before, but Nina stated that in fact all administrators would adhere to the contract language.

Who Awards: Are for chapter members, and candidates must be nominated by April 20, 2009. Email nominations to Richard Berman with a maximum 50 word narrative the names of anyone you feel deserving.

Region IV Leadership Conference: Pat Elliot, Marcia Garten and Richard Berman are the only three signed up for the Leadership Conference to be held at the Irvine Marriott on April 24-26. Marcia and Pat have agreed to take part in the treasurer's workshop on Friday the 24th. Rep Council approved the motion from Loren Myhill at the last meeting that we accept up to 15 people to attend. Richard would like to see all those that have not attended before have an opportunity to go and take part in the breakout sessions and learn how to effectively run a union organization. Today Janet Fischman said she would like to attend also.

State Council Elections

This is the first year we have had a Representative on State Council. State Council meets 4 times a year at the Bonaventure Hotel in LA where they meet to determine CTA's direction. State Council Members are appointed to different committees to serve the needs of their population and to pass referendums to determine how education will be handled in this state. This is a great opportunity for any member wishing to participate. The member does not need to be a Rep. Council or executive board member. Please let Richard Berman know by Friday, April 10 that you declare your candidacy. If more than one member applies, OCSEA will hold a special election by the end of the month. All interested members will need to submit a one paragraph summary on why they should be chosen to represent OCSEA for the voting procedure (if required)

Rep Council Nominations

According to our bylaws the Rep Council term last two years. Although the last rep council elections took place later than required, their current rep council term expires on June 30 and the new Rep Council term begins July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2011. Any interested member wishing to be placed on Rep Council must submit their name to Richard Berman by Friday, April 24th. A list of prospective Rep Council members will be announced at the May 4th meeting. Voting will take place the week of May 5-8 for Rep Council elections and possible CTA State Council Elections. The names of the 2009-2011 Rep Council members will be announced at the June 1st meeting. OCSEA would like to welcome any member to put their name in for consideration regardless of their status on the RIF list. If at the September meeting, it is determined that any teacher who was voted to represent their peers on the Rep Council has in fact been laid off, we will entertain a motion at that time to replace those members.

Town Hall Meetings

Negotiations for the 2009-2010 school year will take place beginning in May. We are not required to submit our proposals for sun shining prior to the negotiations process as negotiations will begin solely for the purpose of bargaining health benefits. However I do plan to have our proposal to the department by early June.

Town Hall meetings will take place a little differently this year. Richard will be having conversations with current rep council members individually to get their constituents views on what we should negotiate for next year. This will take place in the next two weeks. The Rep Council recommendations will be developed and a meeting with the negotiations team will take place the week of April 28-May 1st where they will take the information and develop a survey. The survey will be given to the members for them to vote on what they would like to see for negotiations for the next year. Richard will not be holding meetings in each PAR but will be utilizing the Rep Council to gain the input for the survey.

Monday, April 6 RIF Meetings

It is unfortunate that the members of OCSEA will be participating in the RIF hearing with OCDE on Monday, April 6, 2009. The meeting will be at OCDE Board of Education Chambers in the "A" building beginning at 9am. Bagels and coffee will be served prior to the hearing. Sandwiches, potato salad, chips and drinks will be served to OCSEA members for lunch. The CTA attorney suggests that the meeting will take place the entire day because of the number of members requesting representation. This year 75 members have elected to take part in the process. We as an organization realize that 75 teachers participating in the hearing will have a profound effect on the organization in terms of coverage. We are asking that all teachers understand that without these 75 teachers along with the other 15 teachers being RIF'd are going to have a huge impact on our program. We would like OCDE to see this as a reality. We, as an association, have been successful with the use of clothing colors to show our support. Our first Black Friday had over 120 teachers who took part. Pink Friday had a result of over 400 OCDE employees who wore pink in support of schools. On Monday, April 6 we are requesting that all those teacher's who are participating in the hearing will be wearing black as well as we request those who will be teaching that day to wear black in support of those being RIF'd.

Meeting adjourned at 4:35 PM

Next meeting is May 4, 2009.