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OCSEA Minutes

April 12, 2010

Meeting called to order at 3:35 P.M.

Marlene Simmons moved that the Minutes be approved as read. Janet Fischmann seconded. Motion carried.

Role is taken from the sign in sheet this month.

Marlene Simmons moved and Tom Rotunno seconded that Pat Elliott's treasurer report be approved as presented. Motion carried.

Our Unit Membership is now about 370. This includes fee payers as well.

Health Benefits Committee: Mary Jane reported that the bid usually comes out in May, but the monthly usage report shows very high usage probably due to the RIF situation and early retirements. We are also in the process of getting updated data on the savings from using mail order for prescriptions. All are encouraged to use mail order to reduce our claims experience and thus future premiums. We must find a better way to educate all OCDE employees about the importance of using the mail order system. It not only saves the employees a huge amount of money, but also helps control our claims experience and the resulting premium increases.

Nina Boyd and Renee Hendricks were present and answered questions regarding AESOP and the RIF. Concerns were that day to day subs were getting better opportunities than RIF teachers even though we have kept our RIF teachers employed. Teachers also expressed concern that many times classrooms are now not covered due to lack of substitutes, and that the Department is losing money because of unemployment claims. Nina agreed, and her office is facing this challenge also. People are leaving the County as well as taking other employment. Due to so many unknown factors regarding districts sending us students it is very difficult to know whether we can bring back more teachers.

Nina is still waiting on details of the summer school program and the new PAR configurations. However, she believes at this time that there will be enough jobs for all our RIF teachers to remain employed over the summer. In addition, there may be opportunities for other teachers to get up to ten hours of extra duty per week for the online students. Health benefits are extended for ninety days after June 30th. We do not know what the employment situation will look like in September.

Only five teachers have sent retirement letters so far, but they have till the end of the month.

RIF hearing will be here in building D on 4/21/10. A small breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Richard Berman expressed that the e-mails regarding concert voucher opportunities remain open to the person's identified in the e-mail. Please do not forward them on to your friends or classified staff. These vouchers are limited in number and only for teachers.

Election results: Tom Rotunno thanked his committee for all their help and read the results. Richard Berman, Mary Jane Roberts, Pat Elliot, and Loren Myhill were re-elected.

Richard Berman reported on the status of all the grievances and shared a printout of the status for each.

Mary Jane explained about the bargaining situation in Capistrano Unified. CTA is asking everyone to send money to support them in their strike if it comes to that in a vote this week. Richard Berman explained that this is legal and a non-chargeable expense that may be very helpful in bargaining and in future support for us.

Loren Myhill moved and Ann Marie seconded that OCSEA send them $500.00 for their strike fund if this amount does not exceed our non-chargeable limit. Following lengthy discussion the motion carried. (Eleven to one.)

The Union position on the potential Capo Valley Education Association strike is that Union members do not cross picket lines. Capo Valley identified that they will capture scabs by photograph and send them to all districts.

Richard Berman gave an in depth update on our beginning negotiations sessions. No decisions on anything will be developed for some time, but the process has begun. A joint communique will come out in email soon.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 P. M.