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APRIL 4, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 3:33 P. M. by Vice-President Mary Jane Roberts.

Loren Myhill called the role and established that a quorum of Representative Members was present.

Minutes of the last meeting were presented and Marcia Garten moved that the minutes be approved. Julie Ames seconded the motion and it carried.

Pat Elliott reviewed the treasurer's report, copies of which were available for all, and Carolyn Johnson moved that the report be approved as presented. Tom Rotunno seconded and the motion carried.

Mary Jane Roberts reported that we now have about 400 bargaining Unit members. She also stressed that anybody with a temporary contract must submit new CTA/OCSEA Enrollment paperwork and get it to her ASAP. A membership number is necessary in order to participate in the on-line voting. Please contact Mary Jane if you have any questions or concerns about you membership or membership number.

RIF hearings are scheduled for 4/18/2011 at Kalmus. All members are encouraged to wear black on that day as a gesture of support for members involved in the RIF process.

New CTA officers have been selected at the State Council meeting. The new president is Dean Vogel, and other officers are Eric Heins,vice president, and Mikki Cichocki, secretary/treasurer.

Presently, the biggest issue for CTA is the underfunding of education. The week of May 9th , they have daily activities planned which should be announced in emails to union members. CTA is calling it "State of Emergency Week". CTA claims that they will not be increasing salaries for their employees, and their management will be taking a two percent reduction. Because CTA is not replacing staff as they retire or leave, each staff contact person will also have greater individual responsibilities.

Month eight enrollment report indicates that we have about 300 fewer students than we have for the same period last year.

Please see our website www.ocsea.com for results or the Special Education investigation. The mandated compliance team is presently still in the formulation stage. If anyone wishes to volunteer to serve on the team please contact Richard Berman.

Online Rep. Council Election: Pat Elliott is the new chair of the committee and will be basically running the whole thing with the help of Mary Jane unless anyone else who is not on the ballot wants to volunteer. Joel Harrison moved and John Wells seconded that nominations will close at 11:59 on 4/15/11. Motion carried. Voting is scheduled to take place between 5/03/11 and 5/15/11. Remember, you will need you CTA membership number in order to vote. Candidates are encouraged to submit a brief statement to Richard or Mary Jane for posting to our website. Rep. Council duty descriptions are available in our by-laws on the website. Union members will only be able to vote for candidates within their own Division (Special Schools, OCCS, ACCESS).

Please visit CTAinvest.org for good information on retirement planning.

Mary Burton moved and John Wells seconded that we approve spending for up to four people to attend the President's conference and up to ten people to attend the Summer Institute. Motion carried. Email Mary Jane if you want to attend either of these conferences. See CTA.org for conference details.

Julie Ames moved that OCSEA will agree to an MOU granting OCDE any legal rights that they would have by moving RIF'edteachers without moving the teachers when not in the best interest of the students, the program and teachers. Secondly, OCSEA will not agree to any MOU for contracts less than 90 days if said contracts involve moving teachers based on some alleged technicality in the RIF law or for any reason other than legitimate education needs of the program. And third, OCSEA will file grievances for any teachers, including RIF'edteachers, who are moved for any reason other than legitimate education needs of the program. Dave Glick seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Marcia Garten moved that OCSEA increase the monthly reimbursement amount to $200 for our president's expenses. Dave Glick seconded and the motion carried. Norma Potter noted that receipts (like gasoline purchases) must be submitted for all expenses. Anything "paid" as a stipend over $600 per year requires a 1099 form. Commuting from home to work expenses (fast-track) are not reimbursable.

Meeting adjourned at 4:47 P. M.

Next scheduled meeting is May 2, 2011.