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April 2, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 3:45 by vice-president Mary Jane Roberts in the absence of president Richard Berman.

Loren Myhill called the roll of Rep. Council members to establish a quorum for voting and the conduct of business.

Copies of the minutes from the March meeting were available for review at the meeting as well as on the website, and Pat Elliott shared that there was an omission regarding elections in the minutes. Missing was the information that Board elections will open Tuesday April 3rd and close April 13th at 5:00 P.M. Voting will take place online at www.votingplace.net and at Joel Harrison's classroom at Harbor Learning Center on April 13th from 1:00 to 5:00 PM for anyone wishing to cast a paper ballot. Debbie Crew made the motion and Marcia Garten seconded that the minutes be approved with corrections. Motion carried.

The Treasurer's report was presented by Pat Elliott. Joel Harrison moved and John Wells seconded that the treasurer's report be approved as presented. Motion carried.

State Council update: MJ shared that CTA is backing the Schools and Safety Protection Act for the ballot and petitions were available for members to sign and distribute. All petitions need to be sent to CTA by April 20, 2012.

John moved and Pat seconded that we admonish the LAUSD Superintendent for his actions in dealing with alleged misbehavior by one teacher by removing all teachers and having them report to another school site with no students. Motion failed.

March 23rd to May 5th comments are being collected regarding the administration of Diastat by personnel who are not nurses and are not required to have CPR training, even though respiratory distress is a major side effect of Diastat. This is a change to ed code 49414.7 now proposed in the CA legislature. Public comment is requested from now until May 5, 2012. Comments can be sent to staff@oal.ca.gov

CTA dues will remain at $647, but NEA will go up two dollars. LEA will remain at $100. MJ stated that OCSEA is currently under the CTA crisis support threshold for assistance in dealing with a major issue, such as a strike. CTA's minimum for LEA dues is $150 per member per year so we are $50 under. We need to consider this in the future as our large reserve would be depleted rapidly in an emergency without CTA assistance.

Lewis Lester gave an update on the progress in negotiations in dealing with the work load and working conditions in Special Education. It may take another few sessions to conclude work on this issue. CTA is also addressing this issue.

Loren gave a brief update on the Health Benefits Committee and we will know more after the next meeting. For now claims indicate that renewal will come in below the national trend.

Elections: We are in the process of having the Executive Board elections. An email will go out to all members explaining everything. State Council elections will be held separately. State Council elections must be finished by May 31th and will follow CTA time lines which were shared verbally by Barbara Haddad.

Kendal Vaught, our CTA region director, and Dave Brown, CTA staff, came to give an update on the Uniserve proposal. Under new guidelines from CTA about 2000 members are needed for a well functioning and funded Uniserve. With Orange and OCDE we would only have 1700 which makes us a little smaller, but anything over 1600 is viable. CTA will have more control over the creation and dissolution of a Uniserve under recent revisions. However, at 1700, Kendal said there would be no concern for funding and operations. Both locals are now staying flat in their numbers and are expected to continue this trend. The salary for Dave will be covered entirely by CTA. Lewis shared that the greatest advantage is availability and energy of a new CTA staff contact person. Loren moved that we join Orange in their Uniserve. John seconded. Motion carried. Only one opposed.

S1S MOU and PCHS proposals were discussed. The Department is offering a stipend of only $2500 for PCHS which we feel is too low even with the reduced workload the department said would occur. This is less than the hourly rate paid to our members last year and less than what they are offering teachers from other districts. John moved and Lewis seconded that we approve the MOU for the S1S.

The chair asked for a motion to approve the PCHS MOU, but no motion was forthcoming. Discussion for a fair stipend ranged from $3500 to $6000 and a percentage of the revenue.

Meeting adjourned at 6:01.

Next meeting will be May 7th.