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April 1, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 3:40 PM. by President John Wells.

Role was called to establish a voting quorum. Ten of the sixteen rep. council members were in attendance when the meeting was called to order; one arrived later.

Copies of the minutes from the March fourth meeting were available for review. Minutes were approved as presented.

Roger Urroz, our new CTA staff contact person, was introduced and attended the entire meeting. Roger replaced Dave Brown.

Marcia Garten reviewed the treasurer's report, copies of which were available for all. The report was approved as presented.

Marcia also shared a flyer regarding a great STRS retirement workshop offered at the Rampart office April 22, 2013. Anyone who would like to attend, please RSVP to Patricia Allen on OCDE email, pallen@ocde.us

Loren Myhill reported that we now have 381 unit members.

President's report: NCLB Highly Qualified Teacher update. Teachers must be highly qualified in every subject they teach. Many are taking VPSS in Math, Science and English. Social Studies and Art are not yet offered.

Some of our itinerant teachers are often now used as floaters between sites as needed.

Draft calendars will go out for review in your department email. Please email any feedback to John and remember that these are only just drafts.

There was an update on the FIRE program.

Negotiations Update: The three MOU's were presented and explained. The MOUs were previously emailed to Rep Council and copies were provided to everyone in attendance. Dave Busch moved and Julie Ames seconded that we approve the S1S summer school MOU. Motion carried.

Dave Busch moved and Julie Ames seconded that the MOU for the PCHS program be approved. Motion carried.

Tom Rotunno moved and Mary Burton seconded that we approve the MOU for the Special Schools calendar of 185/205 days. This is a two year MOU. Motion carried.

Department Administration has an opener to increase class size in our community day schools. They also wanted to make the Special Schools language permanent in the contract, but the MOU resolved that issue.

By-laws update: Loren Myhill moved and Martin Juarez seconded that the association send the proposed by-laws to the membership for ratification, with the addition of term limits as proposed at the March meeting (not to exceed two consecutive terms). Motion carried.

Representative Council Elections: The call for candidates will be going out to all of our union members for the 2013-2015 term. If you are interested in becoming a voting member of this body please respond as directed.

Conferences: Julie Ames, Allison Carey, and John Wells attended the CTA Good Teaching Conference. Julie shared that it was good, but that it was geared more for elementary and new teachers. It was mostly for teaching younger students than what we mostly encounter. John shared that OCDE was ahead of what was presented on Common Core.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:35.

The next meeting is Monday, May 6, 2013, at 3:30 at 281 North Rampart St. Suite A, Orange, CA 92868.