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OCSEA Meeting Notes

April 7, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 3:40 p.m. by Vice President Loren Myhill. President John Wells arrived at 3:42 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance recited. Thank you to Lonnie Howerton for providing the flag.

1. Secretary Roll Call-Chris Off called the roll and a voting quorum was established. 15/21 rep. council members were in attendance. Please encourage new members to attend the May 5th meeting.

2. Approve Minutes- Copies of the minutes from the March 3, 2014 meeting were available for review and the minutes were approved with no added changes.

3. Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Marcia Garten made available the monthly Treasurer's report. Marcia welcomes anyone to look at the financial books if they have questions at any time. The report was approved.

4. Vice President Report: Vice President Loren Myhill stated we have 356 due paying members and will lose up to 10 more fee paying members due to retirements by September, 2014.

5. President's Report:

a) President John Wells provided the monthly up-to-date handout detailing Association Business Time out of Class 2013-2014.

b) Change in meeting dates: for next year to accommodate Roger Urroz, Jr (our CTA primary contact staff) attendance. Next year's meetings starting in September, 2014 are the second Monday of every month with the exception of February because of two Monday holidays. This Feb. meeting will be held the 1st Monday of February. The dates have been provided to the CTA Rampart staff to calendar. Meeting dates for next year are: 9/15/14, 10/13/14, 11/10/14, 12/8/14, 1/12/15, 2/2/15, 3/9/15, 4/13/15, 5/11/15, and 6/8/15.

c) Negotiations Update-Classified staff has settled. They are receiving a one time off schedule payment -- July 1st equal to 2% of salary. Because of their late contract agreement for this year, classified employees have been paying for part of their benefits (classified employees have been paying for the increased premium cost for the year). As part of the two-year agreement, classified employees will get back the money they paid for benefits. The bottom line is classified went through a much more difficult path, but ended up with exactly what we got for this year (no salary schedule change and OCDE picking up the increased cost of benefits), plus a 2% off schedule one-time payment for next year. Classified also negotiated a "me too" clause allowing them to match whatever agreement we reach for next year. The classified staff is to be commended for their professional and determined efforts to negotiate their contract.

Our negotiations for next year are still pending.

d) OCSEA Executive Board Election Results: 95 legal ballots cast-

President Elect is Julie Ames with 61 votes. Write-in votes included: Wells-12 votes, Barrientos- 6 votes, Slack-2 votes, Lester-1 vote, Berman-1 vote, Ramirez-2 votes, Borcoman-1 vote, Kelley-1 vote, Galloway-1 vote.

Vice President Elect is Loren Myhill with 80 votes. Write-in included: Wells-2 votes, Barrientos-1 vote, Berman-1 vote, Ramirez-1 vote, and Kelley-1 vote.

Secretary Elect is Chris Off with 90 votes. Write-in votes included: Berman-1vote, Galloway-1vote.

Treasurer Elect is Marcia Garten with 86 votes. Write-in votes included: Berman-1vote, Galloway-1 vote.

e) President Elect transition has started. John Wells has met with Julie Ames and asks all to cc: Julie on emails regarding any association matters.

f) Julie Ames asked anyone that wants to stay on a committee, join a new committee or be removed from a committee to please let her know. She will be also appointing members with interest in IBPST. (Bargaining team for next year)

g) State Council Election-John sent an email to the members on 4/7/14 for the application process for the State Council Election. Loren has one more year left on State Council. We are required to follow the timeline and directions from CTA for this election.

h) SIS MOU was ratified by electronic vote-13 yes, 0 No

i) Region IV Leadership Conference dinner Saturday for those members signed up. There is still time to sign up for the conference to be held in Irvine April 25-27th.

6. LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) -Presentation by Associate Superintendent Nina Boyd. Nina passed out a handout that all invited parents and staff and shareholders received on March 10th Kalmus meeting. Nina reviewed the LCAP plan for ACCESS and Special Schools. Please talk to your admin. and fellow teachers for more info.

7. 3 hour Para and Community Based Classroom MOU Ratification-John Wells passed out the MOU for 2014-2015, similar to past years. Sunburst is the only site we are aware of currently using this MOU consistently. Not all 10 classes have 3-hour Para support due to class size. Discussion ensued and the MOU was clarified. Loren Myhill made a motion to ratify the MOU. Cheryl Stoltz seconded the motion and it passed with 1 opposed and 1 abstaining.

8. Superintendent Election: Al Mijares is up for election in June, 2014. Julie Ames made a motion that OCSEA will endorse Dr. Al Mijares for Orange County Superintendent of Schools in the June 2014 election based on his assurances to maintain the viability of ACCESS and Special Schools education programs. Mary Jane Roberts seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. The motion passed 13 in favor, and 1 opposed.

9. Standing Rules Committee Report-Chris Off-chair reported out that the members appointed will meet on April 23rd at 3:30 p.m. at HLC to review the past and proposed standing rules to bring to the rep council for ratification. Copies of current standing rules were passed out to committee members.

10. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE SIGN UPS as of April 7, 2014

April 25-27, 2014 Region IV Leadership Conference -- Marriott Hotel-Irvine

John Wells

Mary Jane Roberts

Julie Ames

Cheryl Stoltz

Beth Orlik

Chris Off

Marcia Garten

Ruth Ramirez

Steve Slack

August 3-7, 2014 Summer Institute-UCLA Conference Center, LA

Carolyn Johnson

Note: We are accepting up to 10 members per conference with the exception of the April Leadership conference (20). Please email John of interest right away. If there is interest beyond 10 members, there will be a vote by rep council to approve. Email a copy of invoice to Marcia for payment. Let John know about interest in Summer Institute by the May meeting.

Thanks to Beth Orlik for April snacks. Beth Orlik will be providing snacks for May and June. We will be looking for volunteers for next year for refreshments.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Next meeting Monday, May 5th, 2014 at 3:30 at 281 North Rampart St. Suite A., Orange, CA 92868

Meeting for the rest of year 2014- June 2nd-mark your calendars.