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Meeting called to order at 5:30.

Membership is 408 Unit members at this time.

Role is taken from the sign in sheet this month.

Minutes: The election result numbers should have been included in last month minutes but they were left out. This is the complete report that should have been in last month's minutes.

President: Marlene Simmons 88 votes

Richard Berman 108 votes

Vice-President: Julie Ames 54 votes

Mary Jane Roberts 118 votes

Secretary: Loren Myhill 148 votes

Write in 2 votes

Treasurer: Cathy Trujillo 48 votes

Pat Elliott 116 votes

Lewis Lester 26 votes

Pat's last name spelling was also missing a "t." Julie Ames moved and Joel Harrison seconded that the minutes be approved as corrected. The motion carried.

Pat Elliott presented a detailed treasurer's report showing all expenditures, including that we sent the $500.00 approved at the last meeting for the strike fund for Capistrano Unified Education Association. This was a non-chargeable expenditure. Motion to approve the report as presented was made by John Wells and seconded by Tom Rotunno. Motion carried.

ADA Report: Month nine and ten numbers arrived on the day of the meeting which was long overdue. The department is responsible for sending the monthly ADA numbers to the association approximately 2 weeks after the ADA cycle closes. Month 8 ADA shows that we are down approximately 275 students less than where we were last year at this time. However, there appears to be an increasing number of teachers that have roster numbers exceeding contractual limits. It is the Union's position that we do not let teachers violate contractual limits. Please let Richard Berman know if you are aware of any contract violations.

Rep. Council: OCSEA plans to issues reimbursement checks to Representative Council members for their attendance during '09-'10, at the June meeting. Loren Myhill will contact each Rep Council member prior to the June meeting to verify previous attendance for this school year to prepare the proper amount of refund.

RIF Update: Results of the RIF hearing are not available yet so please refrain from stating your interpretation or opinion of what may be the final rulings as a result of the hearing. Please wait to hear official results from the Department after May 15th.

Lewis Lester moved that we purchase the transcript of the 2010 RIF hearing. Joel Harrison seconded. Motion carried.

Employment opportunity: You have till May 21st to notify Machele Kilgore if you are interested in the summer school extra duty position at Pacific Coast High School. About 100 more teachers are needed. They will be paid for ten hours per week for six weeks at the contractual rate of $48.59 per hour for extra duty. There was great concern expressed that this is a contract violation. John Wells suggested a negotiated MOU that would limit this to a one year exception. We have no idea how much additional revenue the Department will gain from this program if any.

Region Four Conference: Marcia Garten reported that her sessions were interesting and very informative and well worth the investment of her time and shared a few of the ideas presented. Five of our members attended.

Summer conferences are coming up. Richard Berman would like to take more than just himself to the President's conference again this year because of the excellent training and networking with other COE's. All conferences for 2010-2011 were listed on the back of the May agenda. See the www.cta.org website for this summer's conference details. Mary Burton moved that we pay for six to attend the President's Conference and ten to attend the Summer Institute at UCLA. Carolyn Johnson seconded. It is important that many of our members attend the Summer Institute for the growth and strength of our union. Email Richard Berman if you plan to attend the President's Conference and Mary Jane Roberts if you plan to attend the Summer Institute at UCLA. Motion carried.

Day of the teacher is coming up in two weeks. Lewis Lester moved that we delay action on this till next year. John Wells seconded and motion carried.

Grievance Update: PCHS grievance was won and resolved. ACEP grievance was dropped when they changed their activities so that they are in compliance. Roster size grievance regarding 43/33 will be taken to the next level and all the way to arbitration if necessary.

The next meeting will be Monday, June 14th.

Meeting adjourned at 5:05 P.M.