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OCSEA Minutes

May 2, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 3:35 by vice-president Mary Jane Roberts.

Mary Jane reported that we now have 401 Unit members which include about 25 fee payers.

Marlene Simmons moved and Julie Ames seconded a motion that the April minutes be approved as presented. Motion carried.

Pat Elliott reviewed the treasurer's report, copies of which were available for all. Carolyn Johnson moved and Lewis Lester seconded a motion that the report be approved. Motion carried.

On line Rep. Council elections: See http://votingplace.net/myocsea. If any newer members are not in the list or are having any problems with the online system starting May 3, 2011, contact Mary Jane Roberts. Primarily you will need your CTA membership number to log in to the on-line voting system. Email Mary Jane and provide her with a phone number to reach you if you don't have your CTA number. In addition, on May 16, 2011 paper ballots will be available at the Orange Service Center. The time will be emailed as soon as it is set with the CTA staff.

Lewis Lester moved and Marcia Garten seconded that we spend an additional $60.00 to provide for a whole year of on-line voting service. Motion carried.

Summer Institute: We still have nine spaces open for this and two for the President's conference.

Mary Jane reported that the MOU for the S1S has passed, and the MOU for the 185/195 is scheduled to be voted on by the Rep. Council utilizing emails this coming week.

Copies of the 185/195 MOU were handed out and numerous questions were answered. All are encouraged to please express your opinions to your representatives who will actually vote on this.

John Wells moved that we take a survey at votingplace.net before voting on this MOU. Julie Ames seconded. Anyone can email IBPST members for answers to questions. Motion carried. Please do not hit reply to all if requesting information.

Marcia Garten moved that we not vote on this MOU online as planned originally. Julie Ames seconded. Discussion included the necessity of having a specially called meeting for this purpose. Motion carried 11 to 6. No date was set for this MOU voting meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 5:05.

The next and last regularly scheduled meeting for this 2010-2011 year is June 6, 2011.