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OCSEA Meeting Notes

May 5, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 3:42 p.m. by President John Wells. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

1. Secretary Roll Call-Chris Off called the roll and a voting quorum was established. 16/21 rep. and executive board council members were in attendance. Please encourage new members to attend the June 2nd meeting.

2. Approve Minutes- Copies of the minutes from the April 7, 2014 meeting were available for review and the minutes were approved with no added changes.

3. Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Marcia Garten made available the monthly Treasurer's report. The report was approved.

4. Vice President Report: Vice President Loren Myhill stated we have 354 due paying members. Discussion ensued re: the number of fee payers and Chris Off will be compiling a list for review.

5. President's Report:

a) President John Wells provided the monthly up-to-date handout detailing Association Business Time out of Class 2013-2014.

b) Negotiations Update- Our negotiations for next year are still pending. May 13th is the next bargaining session.

c) Julie Ames asked anyone that wants to stay on a committee, join a new committee or be removed from a committee to please let her know in person or via e-mail. She will be also appointing members with interest in IBPST. (Bargaining team for next year) John encouraged anyone with an interest in future leadership on the executive board to start learning now and ask the current board members what the jobs entail.

d) State Council Election-John sent an email to the members on 4/7/14 for the application process for the State Council Election. Loren has one more year left on State Council. We are required to follow the timeline and directions from CTA for this election. Thanks to Mary Jane Robert's networking we will retain an open seat for State Council after Loren's time is up. The 3 small DOR's are lumped together for one seat and we will hold the other seat per handshake agreement. The State Council appreciates our OCDE input.

e) Rose Luna STRS Workshop will be held in November 2014. Dates and location to be disclosed when available.

6. County Board of Education Election on Statewide Ballot-Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014. CTA has endorsed two candidates for our county board.

David Boyd-District 2, and Liz Parker-District 5 PLEASE VOTE.

John Wells passed out fliers with talking points to approach friends, family and neighbors to encourage voting for these pro-education candidates. Please ask your rep council members for the map John passed out with the districts aligned to cities. Marcia Garten suggested that a PAC be looked into for the future.

7. San Ysidro Elementary School District in South San Diego County is facing an 8% pay cut over three years. The DOR is doing well under the new LCAP funding, and CTA has urged locals to show moral support for the San Ysidro Education Association who have voted to go on strike. Julie Ames made a motion to send $100.00 to the SYEA strike fund. Martin Juarez seconded the motion. Beth Orlik made an amendment to the motion to send $250.00 to the SYEA strike fund. Cheryl Stoltz seconded the motion. No discussion and the motion passed with one abstention.

8. Plaques for former presidents and gavel for new president. John Wells would like to honor past presidents with a plaque similar to the one that was donated anonymously last year to him. Tom Rotunno made a motion to purchase plaques for past presidents-Nancy Hollenbeck, Marlene Simmons, Loren Myhill and Rich Berman for their dedicated service. Carolyn Johnson seconded the motion. Loren suggested that the current plaque be brought to the June meeting for review before voting.

9. Gift for CTA office staff- Cheryl Stoltz made a motion to recognize their support of OCSEA and provide Tammy and Linda with gift baskets for a total $100.00 expenditure. Carolyn Johnson seconded the motion. Discussion ensued and the motion passed. Thanks to Alison Carey for putting the baskets together.

10. Organizing Committee - Ruth Ramirez was appointed as chair, Chris Off, Mary Burton, Carolyn Johnson and John Wells as committee members. The committee is working on pricing polo shirts with our OCSE logo to help to brand our organization and make us more visible during meetings, in school, and at the bargaining table. Loren Myhill made a motion to authorize the committee to spend $2,500 to buy the polo shirts for certificated staff that the committee will be recommending using non chargeable funds. Julie seconded the motion. The committee will bring the design and shirt sizes and other details to the June meeting. Discussion ensued and the motion passed with 2 opposed and 1 abstention.

11. Membership Committee-Chris Off suggested that as secretary, she will work with Loren and the rep council to reach out to members and that a committee is not needed at this time. She suggested that sites keep bulletin boards current with relevant OCSEA news.

12. Standing Rules Committee Report-Chris Off-chair reported out that the members met on April 23rd at 3:30 p.m. at HLC and reviewed the past and proposed standing rules to bring to the rep council for ratification. Copies of draft standing rules were passed out to rep council to review and discuss with a vote to ratify at the June meeting.

13. Conference Share-Outs

John Wells-reported out on Dean Vogel's speech about our 11th Amendment rights in and out of the classroom

Chris Off-reported out on a new CTA membership drive called Finders/keepers to come out soon.

Mary Burton-reported out on Technology with Core Curriculum in Special Education.

Ruth Ramirez-reported out on Retirement -403b plans and the County Caucus meeting

Mary Jane Roberts reported out on the SBAC training session

Marcia Garten reported on a safety training in relation to immunizations. She suggested a future safety committee for OCSEA.


August 3-7, 2014 Summer Institute-UCLA Conference Center, LA

Carolyn Johnson

Note: We are accepting up to 10 members per conference. Please email John of interest right away. If there is interest beyond 10 members, there will be a vote by rep council to approve. Email a copy of invoice to Marcia for payment. Let John know about interest in Summer Institute by the May meeting.

Thanks to Beth Orlik for May snacks. Beth will be providing snacks for June. We will be looking for volunteers for next year for refreshments. Please see Chris Off for volunteering.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:54 p.m.

Next meeting Monday June 2nd, 2014 at 3:30 at 281 North Rampart St. Suite A., Orange, CA 92868

Meetings for the rest of year 2014- Sept. 15, 2014, Oct. 13, 2014, Nov. 10, 2014, Dec. 8, 2014, Jan. 12, 2014, Feb. 2, 2015, March 9, 2015, April 13, 2015, May 11, 2015 and June 8, 2015-please mark your calendars.