May 1, 2006

Registration of Members and guests

Meeting called to order at 3:32

Role call of Rep. Council

Secretary presents the minutes:

Minutes were approved as presented after Loren reminded members that the minutes will also be posted on the web site.

Treasurers Report

Treasurer's report, available in written form at meetings, was approved as presented.

Committee Reports.... written...

Nurses' Evaluation Form committee: Pat Wiley chaired the committee which met April 5th @ 2:00 at Venado. At that meeting an evaluation form was completed and will be brought to the representative council and to the Negotiations Team for approval.

Membership committee report. Marlene: Home address corrections, new member updates. Gifts to first time attendees. Loren doing email addresses.

Communications: Web site is now updated. OCSEA has a new Chapter Services Representative as Lisa Eck has moved to Saddleback District, and Norma Potter, a longstanding CTA employee, will now represent OCSEA at the bargaining table and elsewhere.

PAR committee report. Carolyn or Nancy: The PAR Committee has recommended a new form for Principals to fill out with teachers to avoid Unsatisfactory Evaluations.

Elections committee: Chairperson Pat Elliot will work with the committee to send out ballots on May 9th. Remember that they need to be returned by May 31. The counting of ballots will take place at the CTA office on Rampart, and the newly elected officers will take their offices on July 1, 2006.

Presidents report:

Negotiations update: Copies of the new bargaining unit Agreement are now available.

Anyone new wishing to be considered for the IBPST for 2006-2007 must fill out an application. Loren has John's application. Note that there are scheduled bargaining dates already set up for next year.

Monitoring the contract: A recent letter was sent to Rick Martin in regards to contractual violations of class size. Roster size violations must always be reported to the union and your principal. Principals are responsible for all student placements and must be held strictly to our contractual Agreement which allows for a maximum class size in community schools of 21 for no more than 10 consecutive days when the class is 745 square feet or more, and a maximum class size of 19 for no more than 10 consecutive days when the classroom is less than 745 square feet.

All teachers must report violations to the contract. Even if it is another teacher at your site who is being violated it is a serious matter and does affect you. Never forget that an injury to one is an injury to all. No one should be working in a hostile work environment, and the vast majority of us do not. We must rally in support of anyone who is being misused and not ever become tolerant of this behavior. Everyone suffers in a negative environment, but this will change if we all unite and stand up for each other.

Old business

New member packets and calendars. Please take enough packets for new members at your site and a calendar for yourself and everyone at your site who may need one. You can also give these packets to all fee payers so they can see the value of membership.

Site visits: Loren will continue to visit sites as time permits. If you want your site or staff meeting to be next in priority, please let OCSEA know.

'05-'06 Membership cards: CTA sends out membership cards every two years.


Mary Burton: Flowers were sent to Roger Slagle as he recuperates from a heart attack.

New business

Treasurer reimbursements: Give receipts to Mary Burton if expenditure has been approved.

UCLA SUMMER INSTITUTE is July30-August 4, 2006. Please let Loren know if you are interested in attending and learning more about representing teachers.

CTA bylaw change: Lloyd Porter, our CTA District M Representative, gave a short presentation on a June ballot measure which CTA supports, and which would allow certificated Associations to permit classified members to join. CTA believes that the more members, the stronger the Association so if there are mutual interests and willing participants, then they have no problem with including classified. They encourage a YES vote on the measure. This measure, however, does not affect our Association because CSEA, the Department's classified union, has its own Association.

OCSEA dues increase: It was moved and seconded that OCSEA raise its annual dues from $75 to $100 for all certificated employees working over 60% of their particular calendar year. The need for such a motion was raised by Loren after CTA informed him that our local dues are too low to cover any long, protracted grievance involving arbitration. Our dues are also by far the lowest local dues in Orange County. Further discussion disclosed that our dues have not been increased in many years. The motion was passed. The new dues schedule is as follows:

. NEA $140

CTA $603

LEA $100

Next meeting location and time Alton @ 3:15/3:30 on June 5, 2006.

Items from the membership as time permits. These should be on the agenda prior to the meeting and addressed under New Business if possible.

Marcus and Ryan: Itinerant status. Itinerant status in the case of this year's negotiations simply means that the transfer policy does not apply to the last 8 teachers hired with seniority dates. Should enrollment in an itinerant's PAR decrease, he/she might be asked to move to another region where a teacher is needed for a short period of time. The itinerant will be given time to move and acclimate. The itinerant is a contracted teacher who continues to receive full pay, benefits, seniority, and movement toward tenure status. OCSEA has not seen that this new status has caused any problems or that it has been utilized at all.

Be sure you have signed in on the attendance sheet. Copy to Loren

Meeting adjourned at 5:00

Web site: Presently using HYPERLINK "http://www.ocsea.com/" http://www.ocsea.com Check out cta.org which is a link available to OCSEA.

Also check out HYPERLINK http://pchsonline.blackboard.com http://pchsonline.blackboard.com user name and password ocsea.