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May 4, 2009

Meeting was called to order at 3:40pm.

Secretary Loren Myhill called the role of Representative Council members present.

Minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurer Mary Burton presented the treasurer's report. Report was approved as presented.

Membership: New membership cards have arrived for those who have recently joined the Union. Cards not delivered by Rep-Council members will be mailed to members' homes by Mary Jane Roberts.

President's report: There have been some problems with OCSEA emails that are not yet updated. HR is working with Richard to correct this problem. Sandra Hall stated the problem would be fixed with IT by May 15th.

Grievance solved regarding forms for extra students. All corrections to roster assignments are to be made within 24 hours. Any extra students to contract learning teachers must be approved by the association. ADA reports are now sent to Richard as well as the enrollment numbers.

May 19th is a very important election date. Norma Potter explained the handouts that were available for all present. If these propositions do not pass, it will result in fewer teacher jobs for the future. On May 18th CTA is asking us to help with the phone banks here at the Regional office from 4:00 to 5:30.

Health benefits: Claims experience is not looking too bad, but we must do more mail-in-prescriptions to hold costs down. This is a huge expense and we all need to do our part. It saves members and the Department when we use the mail order system.

RIF: The Department plans to follow through with all RIF notices and not rescind any of them. The substitute system will change dramatically due to the call back rules for teachers who have been noticed. It may be divided up by program if it can be worked out in negotiations.

Retirement Incentive: About 20 people came to the meeting and the options were submitted to Nina Boyd. The Department is reviewing our ideas and will get back to us with their plan. More discussions will take place at the May 19th Negotiations between OCSEA and OCDE.

PAR: The Peer Assistance and Review committee met 3/21/09 at 3:15pm at the So. Bristol site. At this meeting it was decided to go ahead and support Kagan's Multiple Intelligences workshop in '09-'10. It will probably be a one day event with possibly a one day follow up the next month.

State Council Nominations: We have now earned a seat on State Council and need to have an election to choose who will be our one representative. Two nominations are Mary Jane Roberts and Ann Marie Kaumo. Beginning May 13th through May 18th the voting will take place electronically through e-mail. All electronic ballots must be received before 5:00pm on Monday, May 18th. Any ballots received after 5:00pm will not be counted.

Only seven members have told Richard they would like to be candidates but some of those are in possession of RIF notices. You have until Friday May 8th to tell Richard you are interested in serving on Rep. Council and your name will appear on the Ballot. Our by-laws state that elections must be held before the beginning of our next academic year.

Carolyn Johnson moved that the negotiation team will remain the same as last year. Debbie Crew will serve as an alternate. Ann Marie Kaumo seconded. Motion carried.

Lewis Lester asked for suggestions for negotiations for the new session. These should be Faxed to 714-935-6339 by Friday May 8, 2009. We will try to get this on survey monkey or do survey at the May 15, 2009.

Day of the teacher celebration for the Union will be postponed till later in the summer.

Conferences: See the CTA website for the UCLA Conference. Also we need volunteers for the National Education Association Convention in San Diego June 30th at the San Diego Convention Center. All volunteers will be put up in a hotel and have all expenses paid. Any questions please contact Richard.

Marcia Garten and Pat Elliott attended the treasurer's training conference. Pat will be on the ballot for approval on the May 15, 2009 election.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.