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OCSEA Minutes

June 14, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 3:35 by Vice-President Mary Jane Roberts.

Loren called the role of all Rep. Council members present.

Carolyn moved and Marcia seconded that the Minutes of the May meeting be approved as presented. Motion carried.

Mary Jane reported that our Unit membership now stands at 414. There is a discussion by OCDE management that approximately 60 teachers who normally do not work with our kids will receive temporary contracts after all RIF teachers from the last two years have had the opportunity to accept a temp position. Our membership stands to grow by approximately 80 new members until September 3rd.

Treasurer's report: Pat reviewed the report, copies of which were available to all present. Final total may change due to the reimbursements checks. A meeting has been requested with CTA staff to finalize issues with the records for fiscal year 9/1/08- 8/31/09. This meeting will discuss the lack of receipts for expenditures during this fiscal year. We do have copies of the statements, but we are still in need of the receipts or copies of the receipts. Tom Rotunno moved that the report be approved as presented. Carolyn Seconded. Motion carried.

Loren must be notified if by 6/21/09 if there is any error in the amount of reimbursement checks given at this June meeting.

Dues increasing: Mary Jane reported that CTA is raising our dues from $621 to $639 a year. This is an increase of $2.80 per month. We have not been informed yet of what NEA may do.

Dave moved that CTA provide to the Association complete information for their expenditures for the last four years. Julie seconded. Motion carried.

Kell Horton moved that we do a survey to find the average amounts for local dues in Orange County. Ann Marie seconded. Motion carried.

Terri moved that we leave our Local dues the same for next year. Kell seconded. Motion carried.

Dave moved to reconsider the last motion. John seconded. Motion failed.

Mary Jane noted that we need to establish standing rules to address time lines for Union business including the issue of proposed changes to our LEA dues.

It was reported that Bill Habermehl signed on as a supporter of the latest Sacramento bill that would devastate CA public school teachers and CA public schools. Discussion was held on how to unseat Habermehl in the next election since he has consistently proven to be so harmful to teachers in Orange County and our membership. CTA is able to give guidance and help in many ways to get this done. It costs $20k to file to run for office and they can help with this too. However, since there is no opponent on the ballot already this year, he may with us for another four years.

Summer School: The Department has shared that ACCESS plans to receive approximately 5000 new students for a six week summer session. PCHS received approximately 70 teachers and South County has received almost 60 teachers who will help with summer school. All RIF teachers will be asked to assist as well as all substitutes if they have a credential. The Department plans to hire additional teachers from other districts to assist with summer school on temp contracts as well.

Temp contracts: The department has notified the Association that they plan to start issuing temp contracts on Monday June 14th for temp positions through September 3rd. Each temp contracted teacher will receive benefits through September 30th. The Department also notified the Association that they do not plan to offer full permanent contracts until September 3rd as they are awaiting the outcome of approximately 10 teachers at San Clemente, Dana and San Juan sites who may have to move because of declining enrollment and some additional 60 students that Brea Unified has decided to pull back. The Association will continue to monitor the situation and provide as much feedback as possible over the next couple of months.

Summer Conferences: Four of the six members have scheduled to attend the President's Conference in Asilomar. Some members have expressed interest in the Summer Institute at UCLA, August 1-6. Please let Mary Jane or Richard know if you would like to attend. The Summer Institute is a great way to learn about the union and is the stepping stone to be on the Negotiation team as it provides outstanding training.

Peer Assistance and Review Joint Panel: The Association under Article 14 is allowed to appoint three members who will receive paid time for purposes of conducting classroom observations of classroom teachers being considered for appointment as Consulting Teachers. In order to be considered for the Peer Assistance and Review Committee you must meet the following criteria:

1. Permanent full-time teacher with a minimum of five years of instructional experience.

2. Demonstrate exemplary teaching abilities.

3. Ability to effectively communicate both rally and written.

4. Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with others.

In order to be considered please send an essay by e-mail to Richard Berman at ocseapresident@yahoo.com by Monday, June 28th discussing your qualifications as it relates to the four questions above.

Health premium increases to the entire Department will be approximately 15.5% this year because of large increases in claims for all of OCDE. We may possibly send out a survey later in the summer to address this issue if necessary.

New Business:

Debbie asked about the status of the Sp Ed. case load committee that was negotiated and mentioned in the current bargaining agreement. Mary Jane will check with Richard and get back to her.

John Wells moved that OCSEA publish a memo to all employees stating the position that OCSEA opposes movement of teachers unless the movement is in the best interest of the students, the program, and the teachers. That OCSEA is not aware of any law that requires movement of teachers when not in the best interest of the students, the program, and the teachers, nor does
OCSEA condone this movement. That OCSEA is not aware of any legal advantage to OCDE in moving RIF'ed teachers if they are offered temporary contracts for the summer, and that OCSEA suggests placing all teachers, including RIF'ed teachers, in the positions that are in the best interest of the students, the program, and the teachers. That it is in OCDE's best interest financially to keep teachers in current positions as much as practical. Dave seconded, motion carried.

Next meeting is September 13, 2010.

Ann Marie moved that we adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 5:15.