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OCSEA Representative Council Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 3:43 by President Richard Berman.

Loren Myhill called the role of Rep. Council members and a quorum was present.

Minutes were not approved as presented. Martia Garten corrected the wording of her motion. She pointed out that it should read "moved that we vote in person in a specially called meeting" whether to approve the 185/195 MOU. Marlene Simmons moved and Marcia seconded that the minutes be approved as corrected. Motion carried.

Pat Elliott presented the treasurer's report and distributed reimbursement checks to Rep Council members present. Marlene Simmons moved and Linda Gruber seconded that the treasurer report be approved. Motion carried.

Mary Jane Roberts reviewed the results of the Representative Council election for 2011-2013, and read the names of the winners as previously published on line.

Richard Berman reported that five more temporary contracts were issued this week based on present student enrollments. Two additional contracts were offered in ACCESS Special Education to two teachers from Special Schools who took a lateral transfer.

Survey results for the 185/195 MOU: Votingplace.net was not used by Richard for the survey, but he used Yahoo email instead to get a better response and because Mary Jane Roberts was having trouble giving out CTA numbers necessary for members to get into the site. Rep. Council voted to accept the four late responses, and accept the two responses from non-OCSEA accounts and 4 that went to Richard's email. The number who agreed to approve the MOU was 54, and 23 voted to not approve. Loren pointed out that the message this sends to Rep. Council is that over twice as many of those responding favor approving the MOU.

Richard also reported on his trip to Sacramento as a CTA representative, including how most legislators were so turned off by the tactics of CTA the week before that they didn't want to listen to him in the capacity of a CTA representative.

Old Business: Since the Council agreed to have a special meeting, and a workable date was never able to be established, Marcia moved to have the vote on the 185/195 MOU at this 6/06/11 meeting. John Wells seconded. Joel Harrison moved to modify the motion from the previous meeting to use votingplace.net. Lewis seconded. Motion carried. Joel moved to accept the survey results that were done on email. Mary seconded, and the motion carried and Marcia's motion then also carried.

Richard pointed out that a large amount of public debate in person and electronically has already taken place, but we will still allow discussion on the MOU motion. Loren then moved that Rep. Council approve the 185/195 MOU. Lewis Lester seconded. Discussion was limited to 30 seconds per person. Voting was done by roll call and the motion carried by a vote of 12 to 4. John Wells, Julie Ames, Marcia Garten, and Carolyn Johnson cast the dissenting votes. Four Representatives failed to attend this meeting ( Janet Fischman, Teri Anderson, Dave Glick, and Ruth Rosen) and thus did not vote. As President, Richard Berman also did not vote.

The Bylaws committee has met and Mary Jane asked for suggestions from everyone on things where our bylaws are not meeting the needs of the Association. Please email ideas to Mary Jane Roberts.

Next meeting is September 12, 2011.

Carolyn Johnson moved we adjourn the meeting. Marlene Simmons seconded and the motion carried.