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June 4, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 3:42 by Vice-President Mary Jane Roberts in the absence of Richard Berman.

Secretary Loren Myhill called the role and a quorum was established.

Copies of the minutes from the May meeting were available and Barbara Haddad made one correction. (Instead of "five o'clock" minutes should have said, "close of business day @ CTA office on Rampart") Debbie Crew moved and Martia Garten seconded that minutes be approved as corrected.

Treasurer Pat Elliott reviewed the treasurer's report with the Rep. Council for whom copies of the report were available. The report was approved as presented. Reimbursement checks for the 2011-2012 meeting year were also issued to Rep. Council members in attendance.

Membership: Mary Jane Roberts reported that there were no new memberships, but that three have chosen to become fee payers. Loren noted that without full membership CTA cannot help you in the case where your job is jeopardized and this event can happen to anyone at anytime.

Lewis Lester gave an in-depth review of the tentative agreement and some explanation of how the team arrived at this agreement for 2012-2013. John moved and Julie seconded that we put the Agreement out to the membership for ratification. Motion carried. This will be done using paper ballots. We plan to meet at the CTA OCC to prepare the mailing. Mary Jane will send an email letting Rep. Council know the date and time.

Anyone planning to attend any of the Summer Conferences needs to get registered and email Mary Jane Roberts.

John Wells stated his intention to appoint, Chris Hall, Loren Myhill, Mary Burton, John Wells, and Julie Ames as IBPST members, and alternates would be Steve Slack in addition to members from the old team not reappointed (Mary Jane, Richard, and Lewis). Team members and alternates are encouraged to attend the bargaining strand at the UCLA Summer Institute. This appointment will be brought before the rep council after the new board takes office.

State Council election results revealed that Loren Myhill received the majority of the votes. Loren will be our representative to CTA State Council for a three year term and Lewis Lester will be the alternate. Barbara Haddad gave the exact number counts for all candidates and write-in names.

John Wells moved and Julie Ames seconded that we reimburse Mary Jane Roberts for expenses incurred.

John Wells moved and Julie Ames seconded the following: It is the policy of OCSEA not to agree to any cuts to any teachers or other certificated staff unless said cuts are fairly shared among all OCDE employee groups; management, classified, confidential and certificated. Moreover, without transparent and cohesive explanations of the overall savings of such measure, the Association would not have the means to entertain it. Motion carried.

Dennis Roberson, the Chief from Special Schools, came and spoke to the Council about the need to make our OCDE program more closely aligned to the district programs within the SELPA's in order to remain competitive and avoid eventual elimination. He stated this will involve a shift in the delivery of services and a further reduction in calendar days. He stated this reduction would make us more competitive with districts and private schools. Although this process has already begun through the MOU last year, the calendar still needs further reduction by at least five more days. Districts are doing everything they can to reduce their costs and are increasingly considering providers other than OCDE for transportation and education services.

The IBPST did not have an interest in this during negotiations for the 2012-2013 year as the Department did not show equity in the cuts put forth in the MOU signed last year, which has one year remaining.

Nina Boyd also attended the meeting, and answered some questions including impact to Sp. Ed. teachers within ACCESS and extra duty payment that is available for work done outside of their professional day.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:29.

The next scheduled meeting is September 10th, 2012.