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June 2, 2008

Registration of members and guests (please sign in)

Meeting called to order at 3:42 p.m.

Role call of Rep. Council

Ground rules: Mutual respect of all speakers, no side remarks or interruptions. Remember that the words of each person are equally important as yours. Listen carefully to what they are saying, and allow your neighbor to listen also.

Discussion during the meeting is be limited to motions on the floor. Issues or subjects of concern not on the agenda should be discussed with executive officers at other times.

Please speak only when recognized by the chair. Do not interrupt anyone or speak out of turn. Please choose your words carefully so that you need only speak one time to any issue. Time constraints may not allow you a second chance. Motions limited to ten minutes.

Thank you for silencing your cell phone during the meeting.

Remember to leave the room as clean or cleaner than how you found it!

Thank you for attending: In addition to some great food enjoyed by all, first time visitors were given a gift this month. The time and dedication of all who attend our meetings is greatly appreciated.

Secretary presents the minutes:

Motion to approve minutes from the May meeting approved with correction.

Treasurer's Report:

Motion to approve Treasurer's report approved as presented. Copies of the previous month's report available to members.

Note: Any new expenditure items will come under new business.

Committee Reports:


Please send all home address corrections and new member updates to Richard Berman. His telephone number is 714-935-7651. All new membership applications and personal information updates are to be sent to Richard at Fischer School for processing with CTA and OCDE. At this time: Membership: 409. Agency fee payers: 101.

Gifts to first time attendees. Loren is doing email addresses.


Everyone is encouraged to check out www.ocsea.com. .

Thanks to Joel for the excellent map and directions to the new meeting location for the first meeting of the new year in September.

PAR Report:

Discussion regarding continuation of funding. Carolyn reported that PAR has been able to work on presenting several great training opportunities for teachers this year.

Elections Committee:

The committee met on Friday, May 2, 2008, at 3:00 p.m. to count the ballots for the election of officers for the 2008-10 election. The ballots are available for inspection by OCSEA members.

The results of this election are as follows:

President Richard Berman

Vice President Mary Jane Roberts

Treasurer John Wells

Secretary Loren Myhill

President's Report:

Negotiations update: Copies of the bargaining unit Agreement have been printed and should have been distributed to all bargaining unit members. Ask your regional office for your copy if you did not receive one already. The Contractual Agreement is also available on the OCDE intranet and at our web site www.ocsea.com. .

IBPST Health benefits for retirees remains problematic. The Department remains inflexibly opposed to this in any shape or form at this point. We had hoped that the Governor's proposed budget for 2008 -- 09 would encourage them to do something to reduce costs this year making them open to some sort of retirement incentive. The department states that they are in such a strong financial position that they see no need for any cost savings from teacher salaries.

Contract maintenance: All teachers are responsible for reporting violations to the contract. Even if it is another teacher at your site who is being violated it is a serious matter and does affect you. Never forget that an injury to one is an injury to all. No one should be working in a hostile environment, and the vast majority of us do not. We must rally in support of anyone who is being abused and not ever become tolerant of this behavior. Everyone suffers in a negative environment, but we can change it if we all unite and stand up for each other.

PERB: This action involved Union interference on the part of the Department. On January 24, 2008, the matter was settled with no problems. The Department agreed to participate in joint trainings for their principals regarding union interference, and agreed in writing to grant the teacher a transfer to the next open CL position in South PAR (South of the Spectrum) whenever it becomes available. Neither of theses two resolutions has yet been implemented by the Department.

Site Liaisons are to be performing all the normal functions and duties of a teacher, and, in addition, may assume designated functions in the absence of an administrator. Co-workers should not take on extra work so the SL can have it easier or be out of the classroom entirely. They get paid extra for doing the extra time and work. You must apply if you want to be interviewed for the position at your site.

Arbitration: The CTA and Department attorneys have decided on an arbitrator and will inform us of the next step in the process according to CTA. No progress since the last meeting.

UNITY: When conflict and misunderstandings arise always remind our members that we as teachers never evaluate one another in any manner. If we have questions regarding a fellow member we must speak to that member first and then to Union leadership if things are not resolved. OCSEA and CTA union help is always available to resolve any internal disputes. See Article 17 and Appendix D.

Old Business:

New member packets and information is available from Richard Berman, at 714-935-8306.

Site visits: Loren and Richard will continue to visit sites as time permits. If you want your site or staff meeting to be next in priority, please let them know.

Day of the Teacher parties at three El Torito locations. All attending greatly enjoyed the events. Approximate numbers were South, 7; Block, 27, North 8.

New Business:

Norma Potter is our CTA Staff Contact Person. Since CTA is providing all the legal services pertaining to the RIF be sure to keep Norma updated on all communications and status changes regarding your RIF notification letters. Twelve of the letters have been rescinded so far.

In response to members questions regarding the comments from Nina about the last SERP savings, Loren responded:

Nina stated that from the very beginning the Department did not keep any record of the savings realized from the SERP that was offered three years ago.However, from their recent research the Department estimated their savings at about $1.5 million for the last 18 months.

Keenan and Associates was the company chosen to handle all the research and they projected that if we had 36 teachers participate the minimum savings would be in excess of 5 million dollars over five years. Since we had over forty participants and the plan was begun mid-year, the savings exceeded original projections from the very start, but these savings were allegedly never tracked. However, the Department's estimate of about $500,000 savings every six months is in line with Keenan and Associates original research and projections. At this rate of $1million per year the Department will easily realize the minimum five million dollars in savings over five years as planned.

Treasurer reimbursements: Please give receipts to Mary Burton if expenditure has been approved.

Upcoming conferences:

Summer Institute: August 3 -- 8. Register online, but not without getting prior permission from Richard Berman. OCSEA will cover all costs approved by Richard.

On behalf of a grateful membership, Richard Berman thanked President Loren Myhill for his two terms of service. Loren was presented with an engraved crystal vase in appreciation of all of his work for the members of OCSEA.

Rep Council Voting Membership: Attendance lists have been reviewed and replacements need to be approved.

Motion: Corrections to minutes: Expenses to regional conferences, Richard Berman - $124.74 (mileage); Mary Burton - $108.08 (mileage) $240.66 (room); Loren Myhill - $131.40, be reimbursed. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion: That two open Site Rep Council positions be filled by Mary Burton and Pat Elliott. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion: That two open Site Rep Council positions be filled by Ann Marie Kaumo and Roger Slagle. Motion seconded. Motion carried.

Motion: Motion to reimburse Richard Burton $236.89 for expenses for a trip to Sacramento, $185.80 for Day of the Teacher celebration, and $97.60 for the gift of appreciation to the OCSEA president. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion: Motion to adopt the Executive Board decision to purchase a laptop computer for the OCSEA Secretary to use to keep the minutes at a total cost of $650.00 to include the laptop, tax, software, and service contract.

Motion: That beginning July, 2008, all Rep Council members be compensated for attending rep council meetings at $10.00 per meeting to be paid in June, 2009, and all rep council members attending nine consecutive meetings (Super Reps) will also earn the entire LEA dues of $100.00. Motion seconded. Motion carried.

Next Meeting: Orange Service Center at 3:30 p.m. on September 8, 2008. See website for map and address.

Items from the membership as time permits. These should be on the agenda prior to the meeting and addressed under New Business.

Be sure that you have signed in on the attendance sheet.

Remember to leave the room clean or cleaner that how you found it!

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Visit our website: www.ocsea.com.

Thank you, Pat Elliott, for taking on the job of Secretary when the need occurred.