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OCSEA Minutes September 8, 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Richard Berman at 3:35 PM.

Secretary Loren Myhill called the roll of Representative Council members at the request of the President and recorded all present.

Richard entertained a motion that minutes be approved as presented.

Loren so moved . Mary Jane Roberts, Vice-President seconded the motion. Motion carried.

John Wells, Treasurer, presented the treasurer's report.

Roger Slagle moved to approve the report which John explained had been prepared by former treasurer Mary Burton. The motion was seconded by Scott Turner and carried.

Membership: Mary Jane Roberts reported that OCSEA now has 510 unit members. Mary Jane can be contacted at CHEP West to get union enrollment forms.

Peer Assistance and Review Committee: Loren Myhill and Carolyn Johnson remain on the PAR committee.

Negotiations: Begin Sept. 16

Unfair Labor Practices: PERB settlement. Marlene Simmons has now been placed at a site south of the El Toro "Y." This satisfies the first part of the settlement agreement. The second part of the settlement, requiring training of Department administrators in proper union interaction and employee relations, has not yet begun.

A Level One grievance was filed by OCSEA against the Department because of teachers out of the classroom doing administrative duties. This grievance asks for the teacher to be placed back in the classroom or for their status to change to an administrative role.

No progress has been made on the arbitration case since the June meeting..

Summer Conferences

Mary Jane attended the Presidents Conference at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove. Among many informative sessions CTA included a special session for County Offices of Ed. They also agreed to have other regional meetings for COE chapters to address our unique issues. Mary Jane recommended we send more than one representative next year so that more sessions can be attended by an OCSEA officer.

Ruth Rosen attended the Summer Institute at UCLA and had a great experience. Lewis Lester attended the same session paid by a grant. Both reported learning a lot in this great bargaining training and recommend we have many more members attend next summer.

Rep. Scott Turner attended the finance strand of the Institute at UCLA where he met other COE people and enjoyed the budget training. Richard attended the communications strand to learn more about newsletters and communications.


Richard and Mary Jane are going to do site visits. Richard has been given one day off per week, away from his current teaching job, to conduct union business.

Richard stressed the importance of expanding communication and has assigned reps. to contact people at each site. Membership cards will also be distributed by these people. Richard stressed the importance of individual email addresses other than OCDE so that union emails are not all read by OCDE.

Richard requests that all use his new email and new union cell number: ocseapresident@yahoo.com, OCSEA phone number is (714) 495-9996

Joel Harrison is taking a greater role managing the web site.


NOV. 14-16 in Indian Wells. $150 per person plus $180 per room. Richard is planning a little party for Friday night depending on how many will attend. Mary moved that we pay all the expenses for up to 15 members to attend. Lewis seconded. Discussion: Best to reserve room ASAP because they sell out fast. Motion carried.


Mary Jane Roberts, Mary Burton, Ruth Rosen, Lewis Lester, and Scott Turner have been chosen by our President to serve on the team. Tom moved and Martia seconded that these applicants be approved. Motion carried.


John Wells moved to approve the MOU to allow payment of one Site Liaison for every ten teachers at institution sites at the rate of 7.5% additional compensation. Lewis seconded. Motion carried. 12 to 9.

Financial Reimbursements

Mary Jane moved we approve reimbursement for all summer conference expenses. Sonia second Motion carried.

Mary Burton moved for reimbursement to Joel Harrison for web site expenses. Scott seconded. Motion carried.

Next meeting is scheduled for October 6th at 3:30.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.