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Meeting was called to order at 3:36 P.M.

Role Call: Secretary Loren Myhill called the role of the 2009/2010 Rep. Council.

Minutes were approved as presented.

Pat Elliott asked that the treasurer's report be held until the next meeting because audit we are conducting at the present time is still incomplete.

Mary Jane reported that of the 51 teachers that were without contracts as of September 10th,

28 had been given either 90 day or full year contracts as of Sept. 14, 2009.

President's Report:

In the absence of President Richard Berman, Vice-President Mary Jane Roberts expressed that

Richard would like to thank all those in attendance today. The past few months have continued to be a trying time for everyone involved. The Department's fear that all noticed teachers would be let go come September 10th almost became a reality except for the hard work and closed door meetings that showed the department the true number of students attending and the reality of how many teachers needed to serve those students. Seventeen (17) permanent contracts were offered and accepted last week with an additional eleven (11) temp. contracts offered and accepted by midnight Sunday night.

We are in the dawn of a new era. The golden umbrella that covered us for so many years can no longer keep the rain from us. With the real threat of decreased ADA and continuing budget strains at the local and state level it is making our profession more difficult to do the great job we have continually done by cutting our resources and limiting the number of personnel to do the job. We are at a time when we need to sell our program to the districts by going above and beyond as a unit and capturing the students and showing them that the education in ACCESS and Special Schools is second to none. We all need to kick it up a notch so that we as a family will not have to lose more family members next year.

Latest on RIF's:

The Association has been given a monthly enrollment/ADA report that came from a settlement of a grievance last year so that the association can monitor the ADA reported to the state. This year we were down approximately 430 students during Month 1 from where we were last year in ACCESS resulting in a loss of 7.5% ADA. In addition, the per pupil funding was reduced at the state level by almost 20% which combined with the Month 1 loss in ADA results in an equivalency of almost 1100 students compared to last year. It is so very important that we go the extra mile like so many have done and get those students to perform. If a student is absent consecutively it is important to get them to the outreach/recovery teacher as soon as possible or change their status within one attendance cycle so that additional students can be added to your roster for you to serve. We understand that ACCESS turned away students from certain PAR's last year because of the notion that there was not enough room to service those in need. As an organization we did not service approximately 20% of our students who were enrolled for the 2008-2009 school year.

As for the RIF's, we had approximately 13 certificated staff that were not given a permanent or temporary contract. This is as real as it gets. Those 13 teachers will have first rights to sub within the department. All substitute inquires must go through the new automated AESOP substitute system in order to ensure that those 13 teachers are given their legal right to work.

Some of you have called to express your disbelief regarding where you were assigned or the position you were given. As we move on, you must remember you are hired as an ACCESS certificated teacher or a Special Schools certificated teacher. The right to be a day school or contract learning teacher does not exist, nor does a right to work only 10 minutes from your house. The Department has the right to assign you based on their needs with a few contractual stipulations.

When putting in for a transfer or forced to transfer:

Please contact a Rep. Council member when putting in for a transfer or whenever your administrator requests that you transfer. You do have some rights!! Please contact a Rep Council member so that we can track your transfer and make sure it is done correctly.


Mary Jane explained about the MOU for itinerant teachers, and Loren moved that it be approved by the Rep. Council.

John Wells seconded, and the motion carried.

2009-2011 Tentative Agreement

Negotiation team members that attended the meeting, Mary Burton, Mary Jane Roberts, and Scott Turner, answered numerous questions about the proposed changes to the contract and explained what these will mean to teachers in the future. Norma Potter, our CTA Staff Contact person also explained the importance of not delaying ratification and why CTA advised short negotiation sessions this year due to the increasingly negative climate for teachers. Loren Myhill moved that the Rep. Council approve sending the new Agreement out to Membership for a ratification vote. Ann Marie Kaumo seconded, and the motion carried with a vote of 14 in favor and 8 opposed.

Ratification Voting:

We will be using polling places to conduct the vote. Any member wishing to use the mail must submit their request no later than 5:00 pm this Friday, September 18 so that a ballot can be mailed to you in time. All Ballots must be received by Monday, September 28th at the CTA office by mail or in person. The voting will take place at the North, South, East, and Pathways Regional Offices, and the CTA office from 1-4 pm on Thursday, September 24th. The ballots to will be counted on Tuesday, September 29th.

Pat Elliott, Tom Rotunno, and Ann Marie Kaumo volunteered to help count ballots on the 29th.

Marlene Simmons volunteered to work the polling place at the South Regional Office.

Summer Conferences / Future Conferences

On Saturday, October 10th, Region IV is putting on a one day conference at the Marriott in Newport Beach. The cost is $50 per person + parking. Richard would like all Rep Council members to attend as there will be excellent workshops on grievances and other important aspects of the union. John Wells moved that we approve sending up to 35 of our members and cover all costs. Motion carried. Please contact Richard Berman by e-mail if you would like to attend by this Friday (Sept. 18th ) so that he can register you for the conference.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM.