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OCSEA Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2010

Meeting came to order at 3:35 pm.

Secretary's Report: In the absence of Loren Myhill, the June 2010 Minutes were not presented and will be presented at the October meeting.

Treasurer's Report: It was discussed and approved. The treasurer Pat Elliott requested that we have a CPA look over our finances on a regular basis, and she would be bringing more information on that to the next meeting.

Membership: As of the last count in July 2010, we have 64 fee payers. Mary Jane asked that members email all information changes (address, phone #, email, etc.) to her.

President's Report: President Richard Berman discussed how this has been quite the busy summer. The Association had 5 members who found themselves on paid administrative leave. We had meetings where we were introduced to several changes within special education and the negotiation team spent countless hours in preparation, training and great sacrifice in order to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement for our membership.

Grievance Update:

(1) Grievance filed against Tony Gibson and Joseph Powers for illegal involuntary transfer of teachers

(1) Grievance pending filing against Nina Boyd for failing to give health benefits to certain temp contracts.

(1) Grievance pending filing for failing to pay temp contracted teacher's correct salary placement on the salary schedule

Tentative Agreement Reached

On Wednesday, September 8th the negotiations team of Lewis Lester, Marlene Simmons, Loren Myhill, Mary Jane Roberts and Richard Berman reached a tentative agreement on Articles 1, 9, 10, 18, 20, 21. The Association opened Article 9 to improve our language on transfers. In the IBPS process we cleaned up language in other articles to provide better understanding and clarity. The team received the reports from the Department where they had no interest in paying for the 15% increase in premium costs. The team, in the mind of President Richard Berman, were strong, direct and convincing in getting the department to reach a settlement that has the department not only picking up the increased costs in our benefit premiums this year but agreeing to pick up any additional increases up to 7.5% for next year while allowing negotiable cost-cutting measures to offset any employee contributions above 7.5%.


The department is looking to add language that all new ACCESS employees hired after a negotiable date will have a maximum 185 day contract. The Department and the Association will take the concept to a committee made up of three members for each side.

Email Rich if you want to be on the committee for the 185 contract day change for new teachers by October 1st. (It is a two day a month commitment.)

A motion to send the tentative agreement to the membership was made, seconded and passed with 13 yay's and 1 abstained.

Election committee: Voting for ratification of the tentative agreement will take place on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 5 locations yet to be determined. Details will be announced via email.

Upcoming Training Opportunity

There is an Orange Service Center Council Training on October 16-17. The 2 day training will be held at the Renaissance Esmeralda in Palm Desert. The training focus will be on Grievances, Health Care and Site-Rep training. The Executive Board has mandated that all Rep Council members attend. In addition we would like to get as many participants' as possible. The more knowledge we all have as site reps, the better for our organization. E-mail Richard and Mary Jane Roberts to attend the conference.

New Business:

Mary Jane Roberts discussed using maternity leave for adoption. The Association will look into adding it to the survey for negotiations.

Debbie Crew discussed changes in the reporting of caseloads for Special Education teachers and what the Association was doing with regards to identifying illegal Vacant Caseloads. Richard Berman reported that the department has not released any numbers to verify caseloads for Special Education teachers since July 1st but did mention that it was very important in determining if the DIS / RSP matrix was being followed. In addition, Richard Berman learned that the Special Education administrative unit had a PAN notice for a new hire for Special Education Teacher in addition to one more position to fill the department's vacant caseloads.

Several members expressed appreciation to the negotiating team and wanted their "thank you for the team's hard work" put in the meeting minutes. It is very appreciated! In addition, member Michael Kashdan expressed his gratitude toward President Richard Berman for his unwavering support during the past few months.

The next monthly meeting is moved forward to October, 11 at CTA, 3:00pm, due to a scheduling conflict at the CTA office. (We will not meet on October 4th)

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm.