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September 12, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 3:40pm by President Richard Berman.

Loren Myhill called the roll of voting Representative Council members and a quorum was established.

Minutes from the last meeting contained one spelling error which will be corrected. Otherwise, minutes were approved as corrected. Marcia Garten moved and Marlene Simmons seconded that the minutes be approved. Motion carried.

Pat Elliott presented the treasurer's report and asked that we provide up to $500 for our CPA to review our books. Mary Burton seconded and the motion carried. Marlene Simmons moved and Tom Rotunno seconded that the report be approved. Pat Elliott also shared that any member can request to review our books at any time by simply contacting her by email.

Membership report: Richard Berman reminded all rehired teachers, who were not given a temporary or permanent contract as of June 30, 2011, that they need to fill out a new application with CTA. As of today we still have 15 teachers from the 39 month rehire list that still have not been called back this year.

President's report: If you are transferring from your present assignment be sure to contact an executive board member to ensure that all your rights are protected and all is contractually compliant.

Representative Council meeting rules are on the back of the agenda and all are asked to follow these rules to ensure orderly meetings. John Wells moved and Joel Harrison seconded that we adopt the rules for our meetings and the motion carried.

Richard reviewed special education supervision discussions that have taken place with the Department. Richard asked that any special education teacher that is approached about their case loads, to please request that a union representative be present for the meeting for their protection.

CTA District M Board representative seat is open. Also our State Council seat is still active and since Mary Jane Roberts cannot attend this year, Marlene Simmons moved and John Wells seconded that we send Lewis Lester in the place of Mary Jane for the October 21, 22, 23 meeting. Motion carried.

Representative Council training at the Fall Leadership will take place on November 5th at the Irvine Marriot. Richard asked that all new and returning representatives attend. The cost is $25 plus parking. Any others who wish to attend please contact Richard Berman.

By-laws and standing rules review committee report will be presented next month.

Holiday party has been discussed by the executive board. Invoice copies were presented to the Board and circulated to every Rep. Council member in attendance. The same facilities and food costs were listed and there was no increase in cost from last year's event. Marcia Garten moved that we have a Holiday Party Food Drive at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley at the Block in Orange again this year at a price not to exceed $5000. Michael Kashdan seconded. Members and one guest are welcome to attend on December 8th from 3 to 6. Motion carried. Seventeen in favor, one opposed, two abstained.

Richard reviewed the changes to the Health Benefits plan. The Department has already sent out documents detailing all the changes. No deductions will be made from monthly checks, but there are some increases to co-pays for those using the plan. Be sure to look carefully at your paper work and understand your plan. Marlene Simmons shared the ease of using mail-in prescription services. This keeps our claims down and saves members lots of money on their personal costs.

Negotiations update: All the responses to the email poll said members did not want a one-time lump sum nor an addition to the salary schedule until Special Schools teachers received their 5% reduction in pay back and all remaining teachers on the 39 month rehire list are offered employment. Administration is considering some restructuring of their salary schedules that would result in massive (possibility of up to double digit increases for some of the highest paid administrators). If the Department considers taking an increase the Association would plan to wage a public relations nightmare issue for them, but we cannot force anything. The Association has no control over the Department giving themselves a raise. Cyndie Borcoman moved and John Wells seconded that we not open compensation for this year. Nancy Hollenbeck pointed out that we should push for an early retirement incentive, and that this is very easy to implement and easy to calculate the financial benefits to the department. Motion carried.

Committees needed for meetings, social events, and elections. If you are interested please contact Richard.

Expenditures: GLBT conference is coming up October 28-30 in Palm Springs. John Wells moved that we pay for up to ten members to addend. Debbie Crew seconded. Motion carried. Contact Richard if you wish to attend.

New business: Issues will be voted on the following month. John Wells reported on grievances and will give updates next month.

Next meeting is October 3rd. Martin Juarez will bring food next time.

Meeting adjourned at 5:40.