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Sept. 10, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 3:42 pm by President John Wells.

Secretary Chris Off called the role and a quorum was established.

Copies of the minutes of the June 4, 2012 meeting were available. The minutes were accepted and approved with no objections.

Treasurer's Report- Treasurer Marcia Garten reviewed the treasurer's report with the Rep. Council with a detailed ledger available for the past three months of June, July, and August 2012 available. Copies were available for the general membership to review as well. The Treasurer's report was approved with no objections.

Vice President Report- V.P. Loren Myhill reported we currently have 405 teachers with 325 dues paying members. The 2012-2013 CTA dues paying membership cards are available and will be passed out by Loren and teachers in the next few weeks.

President Report- President John Wells provided information about the CTA President's conference that he and Loren Myhill attended. On the upcoming ballot initiatives. CTA is recommending to vote:

Yes on Prop 30 (Governor Brown's initiative) in the upcoming November elections. If Prop 30 does not pass, an additional 7% cut from school funding will take place, we will have a 29% prop 98 deficit.

No on Prop 32- Corporate Power Grab

No on Munger initiative-does not pay back the deficit.

Go to CTA.org for more voter and school funding information.

John also provided 25 CDs including the CTA President's handbook, election rules and other CTA information.

Bargaining Team Change- Chris Hall is moving to administration and her spot as intended appointee to the Bargaining Team needs to be filled. John Wells nominated Steve Slack to replace her. Steve Slack is a graduate of Western State University Law School and has substantial experience in negotiations having worked as a professional sports agent. John also outlined the responsibilities of an alternate and asked that he be emailed within a few weeks if there is interest in becoming an alternate or to nominate someone. Discussion ensued and Martin Juarez moved that Steve Slack be moved from intended alternate to the Bargaining Team. Julie Ames seconded the motion. The motion carried with no one opposed. Current alternates to the IBPST include Rich Berman, Mary Jane Roberts, and Lewis Lester.

Bylaws Committee Update- Past history of OCSEA attempt to revise Bylaws through CTA discussed. CTA is currently reviewing Bylaw changes made by the committee who worked very hard to make revisions mandated by CTA. The 22 page template was provided to CTA by the 9/8/12 deadline and once returned, the Rep. Council will review, approve and send it out to the membership for ratification. It could be 3-4 months before it is returned to OCSEA for review. Online elections are not part of these proposed Bylaws.

Elections Committee Update - John Wells read names from list of volunteers including Alison Carey, Richard Berman, Carolyn Johnson, Beth Orlik, Cheryl Stoltz, Julie Ames, Gabriella Jones, Paul Pabian, Dave Busch, Joey Pitman, Ruth Ramirez, Katherine Lu, Joe Maduena and Dana Rishagen, and Joel Harrison. John Wells indicated that he would appoint all OCSEA members who volunteered to the Elections Committee, and generally would appoint all volunteers to most committees. John asked if anyone present would like to volunteer to be on the Elections Committee. There were no additional volunteers.

Barbara Haddad was recognized as doing an amazing job of chairing the last election. Discussion ensued re: appointing a committee chair and several motions were proposed with the final motion by Mary Burton made to accept the decision of the committee to appoint an interim chair at the next Elections Committee meeting and ratified at the next OCSEA meeting in October. Lewis Lester seconded the motion. Motion passed. John Wells will ask our CTA rep Dave Brown to provide training and assistance for this committee.

Previous election discussion ensued and members discussed concern with process, not the results. Online elections are not a possibility at this time and voting by mail or online appeared to yield the same turnout. John Wells reiterated we must have elections by the book and we will have two elections upcoming due to the recent challenge. The first election should take place as soon as practical. Spaces will open up on the Rep. Council for Wells, Garten and Off's replacements, and there will be an election to fill Rep Council vacancies.

CTA Conference Schedule -John Wells nominated Mary Jane Roberts to become our Conference Coordinator to assist with signing up members for CTA conferences throughout the year. Linda Gruber seconded the motion, no one opposed and Mary Jane Roberts was approved. Lewis Lester further made a motion to authorize up to 10 registrations be authorized for each CTA conference for 2012-2013 except for the President's Conference; and direct the Conference Coordinator to return to Rep. Council if there is a need to authorize more registrants. Julie Ames seconded. No further discussion, no opposed-motion passed. UCLA Summer Conference attended by B. Haddad and reported on with handouts available.

Grievance Committee Volunteers needed- In past, President has handled this committee. John Wells will be asking next month for 3-4 volunteers to join a formal committee which will then be ratified at next month's meeting. These volunteers will already be involved in Union matters, exhibit confidentiality and be knowledgeable about our grievance process-Article 10 of our contract. There is also Service Council training available.

Budget Committee Volunteers needed- Needed 2-3 individuals to assist Marcia Garten-Treasurer in overseeing a one time per year approved budget that gets revised throughout the year as needed. Marcia has put together a draft 2012-2013 budget for review. Please contact John Wells if interested by next meeting.

Newsletter Team Volunteers needed- Needed volunteers to spearhead using the CTA website to inform our membership of articles of interest and upcoming initiatives. This newsletter could be sent to the membership as needed. Please contact John Wells if interested by next meeting.

Uniserve Reps needed- Three representatives are needed to include President John Wells, V.P. Loren Myhill and a third representative. Barbara Haddad made the motion that the OCSEA Treasurer serve as the third representative on the Uniserve unless there is a change with our Uniserve status. Linda Gruber seconded the motion, no further discussion, no opposed and motion passed.

Social Committee Volunteers needed- Bring ideas for Holiday membership events. Alison Carey has volunteered to be the chair of this committee. Debbie Crew made a motion to nominate Alison Carey as chair, Julie Ames seconded, no discussion, no opposed, and motion passed. Marcia Garten will share previous year's Holiday Party information with Alison.

New Business-Linda Gruber asked for a snack volunteer for Feb-June and Julie Ames and Alison Carey will assist.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Mike Kashdan and seconded by Dana Rishagen. Meeting was adjourned at 5:00pm

The next scheduled meeting is October 1st, 2012 at 3:30pm