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IBPST: Interest-Based Problem Solving Team

. . . .This is the process used during the negotiation meetings to seek consensus and clarify options as they relate to standards to ensure that all unit members receive a sustainable, competitive and comprehensive total compensations package.


. . .1.Legal -- Is this option legal?
. . . .2.Acceptable -- Is this option acceptable to our constituents?
. . . .3.Clearly Understood -- Will all parties to this agreement understand this option?
. . . .4.Fiscally Sound -- Given current financial information, is this option fiscally sound?
. . . .5.Operationally Sound -- Is this option operationally feasible?
. . . .6.Good for Students, Teachers, Administrators -- Is this option good for students, teachers, administrator and the organization?


. . . .1.The act or right of holding property, an office, a position, etc.;
. . . .2.The statutory right of public school teachers and other civil servants to retain their positions on a continuing basis, subject to the fulfillment of specified requirements and subject to removal for adequate cause or economic necessity;
. . . .3.The constitutional right to due process of law in any dismissal action.


. . . .1.The course of legal proceedings established by the legal system of a nation or state to protect individual rights and liberties;
. . . .2.The guarantee of notice and a fair hearing prior to deprivation of property, established by the fifth and fourteenth amendments of the United States Constitution which provide that no individual may be deprived of property or liberty without "due process of law."
Under California law this is what applies to K-14 teachers.


. . . .1.Every employee of a school district of any type or class having an average daily attendance of 250 or more who, after having been employed by the district for two complete consecutive school years in a position or positions requiring certification qualifications, is reelected for the next succeeding school year to a position requiring certification qualifications, shall, at the commencement of the succeeding school year be classified as and become a permanent employee of the district;
. . . .2.That status achieved by successfully completing a probationary period.