September Council meeting: address & map September 14th, 3:30 CTA offices in Orange
Rep Council meeting dates NB Second Mondays (except February 2016)
OCSEA Rep Council candidates' statements 5-18-2015
OCSEA Standing Rules 6-2-'14
MOU re student -- teacher ratio
Archive of previous news items

April 2015 Representative Council meeting minutes (NB No May 2015 meeting)
Minutes from past meetings From December 2005 to the present

Julie Ames President 2014 -- 2016
Loren Myhill Vice President
Marcia Garten Treasurer
Chris Off Secretary

List of representatives Two-year terms from 2015--2017
Representative Council attendance
Members of OCSEA negotiating team

Bargaining Team
Special Education Caseload
ACCESS Average Daily Attendance
Health Benefits Review
ACCESS Average Daily Attendance

OCDE + OCSEA 2013--2015 agreement [Posted 5-2-'15]
OCDE + OCSEA 2012--2013 agreement [Posted 3-7-'13]
OCDE + OCSEA 2011--2012 agreement Effective July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012 [posted 12-29-11]
OCDE + OCSEA current agreement (part 1) Effective July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2012 [posted 10-17-11]
OCDE + OCSEA current agreement (part 2)
OCDE + OCSEA current agreement (part 3)
OCDE + OCSEA current agreement (part 4)
OCDE + OCSEA previous agreement Effective July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2010 [posted 6-9-'09]

Bylaws Detailed information about OCSEA

RIFs (Reductions In Force): reasons, requirements, rights State Ed Code re layoff procedures
What is "overtime" and "extra duty" pay? Extra work = extra pay
How can the union help me when I'm threatened with discipline? Legal rights
What is the "tenure," "permanent status," and "due process"? Legal definitions
What is the "Interest-Based Problem Solving Team"? How we negotiate with OCDE
What are OCSEA teachers paid per day? Ratified January 2008, retroactive to July 2007
How do I become an OCSEA member? Contact V.P. Loren Myhill
What is binding arbitration? What it would cost and why it's worth having.

OCDE: Orange County Department of Education
Orange County Board of Education
CDE: California Department of Education
CTA: California Teachers Association
NEA: National Education Association
Blue Cross of California

2014 Seniority list Posted 9-9-2014
2012 Seniority list Official as of 11-12-2012
2011 Seniority list Official as of 3-16-2011
2010 Seniority list Official as of 3-5-2010; (82 pages, 3.7 MB)
Bakersfield Decision Clarified probation and temporary status
Basic math, Algebra I, and CAHSEE math resources
CTA donation form How to change the default contributions